Final Fantasy 7 Remake Rumored To Be A PS Plus Freebie Next Month

It’s rumored that Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be one of the games PS Plus subscribers can download for free this March.

Every month, PlayStation gives PS Plus subscribers three games absolutely free. Ever since the PS5 launched in November 2020, one of those games has been a PS5 exclusive while the other two can be played on both PS4 and PS5. According to rumors circulating today, one of the two PS4 games up for grabs via PS Plus this March will be Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Xbox Era’s Shpeshal Ed was the first to tweet that FF7 Remake might be a PS Plus freebie next month. “If you haven’t bought Final Fantasy 7 Remake yet. Make sure you’re subscribed to PlayStation Plus for March,” they tweeted. KatharsisT and various other ResetEra moderators have backed up that claim, but March’s PS Plus titles are yet to be confirmed by PlayStation.

FF7 Remake or not, March’s PS Plus games will likely be revealed during today’s State of Play. The presentation will begin at 5 pm EST today and feature news about released and upcoming titles on both PS4 and PS5. There’s also a strong chance some other FF7 Remake news is announced during the show. Possibly the reveal of when the game will be coming to PC and PS5.

The game’s co-director previously hinted that a major announcement would be made during a concert celebrating Final Fantasy 7’s iconic soundtrack. However, the concert came and went without an announcement pertaining to the game being made. Since FF7 Remake is still a PS4 console exclusive, perhaps PlayStation interjected and requested the new-gen and PC reveal be made at its own event.

For now, February’s PS Plus games are still up for grabs. Concrete Genie, Control: Ultimate Edition, and PS5 exclusive Destruction AllStars. Destruction AllStars was supposed to be a PS5 launch title. However, its devs recently revealed that the game’s release was delayed so that it could spend its first month on PS Plus. Taking a leaf out of Fall Guys’ book, but not enjoying the same success. Understandable since far more people had a PS4 last August than own a PS5 right now.

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