Fire Emblem: 10 Best Pegasus Knights In The Series

Pegasus Knights are some of the best units in Fire Emblem history. First introduced at the very start of the series, they are always a welcoming sight as they have excellent mobility and the ability to fly, allowing them to access units that are usually hard to reach and annoying to face. Although they suffer from middling offenses and physical defense, they tote high resistances, so they're usually the units you'd toss against mages to help you keep them at bay.

These knights were in the very first game, so we've had a plethora of different Pegasus Knights come and go in our lives. But some are so phenomenal that we will always remember how they boost our armies.

10 Clair

Clair is a speedy fighter who will get a double in whenever she faces off against her opponents. With such high-speed growths, you can always expect her to do damage because she's doubling everything she is facing.

Unfortunately, her strength stat is a bit on the lower side. Not only that, but she also has middling defenses, which ensures that if she does get hit, she will probably get destroyed. But if you supply her with weapons like Ridersbane, she will guarantee to knock out cavalier units with no challenge.

9 Palla

The oldest of the Pegasus sisters, having to carry her other sisters around and keep them in check, Palla boasts impressive defenses and strength in every game she appears in. With her high defenses, you don't have to worry about anyone taking her out quickly and can expect her to practically one-shot or heavily harm anyone that dares to step in her way.

The only downside is that her speed is mediocre, causing her not to double, but she can be an overwhelming-ranged attacker with Javelin attached, thus making her a physical nuke.

8 Ingrid

At first, Ingrid may seem weak, but don't let the low growth rates fool you. She can quickly become powerful if she is appropriately applied. With respectable growth rates in charm and luck, she is an effective user of gambits (an exclusive combat aspect in Fire Emblem Three Houses), allowing her to deal significant damage.

Ingrid's Crest of Daphnel gives her access to Luin and gives her a chance of increased might in combat arts, allowing Ingrid to be an offensive threat, despite her stat line.

7 Sumia

This high-flying fighter joins your army early on in the game she's from, and she brings impressive stat growths in speed, skill, and hp, with her other stats being mediocre but sufficient. Compared to other Pegasus riders, Sumia has a decent growth in magic that allows her to have more utility with tomes, allowing you a mobile healer.

Also, with such high skill caps, she's guaranteed better chances with crits. Don't let the glaringly low defenses fool you; she will surely get the job done while providing much to battle.

6 Marcia

Marcia is underwhelming at first because she is the only Pegasus flier in the game she comes from and is underdeveloped. But if you take the time to get her up to speed, she will be a force to be reckoned with.

Her strength and speed stats are extraordinary, allowing her to catch up with your other units with a few battles and allowing you a fast-hitting Pegasus flier. Plus, she has high growth rates in HP, so although her defenses are low, her HP will enable her to live a hit or two.

5 Hinoka

This Hoshidian royal packs a punch as she flies into battle. She has excellent growth rates all around, outside of HP and defense, but it doesn't matter when she's guaranteed to double, crit, and one-shot any enemy that even looks in her direction.

She is so phenomenal that she can fill the gap between her and all your other units within a few missions. Plus, if we factor in her skills with Rallying Cry and Darting Blow, she can help boost her allies' strength and has increased speed, making her an annoying threat to anybody on the opposite side.

4 Chloe

If you want crits, Chloe's got them. If you wish to have speed, Chloe has it. If you want a Pegasus knight to dodge and not get hit with anything, Chloe can do that too. Chloe is one of the best units in Fire Emblem Engage, as she boasts high stats in strength, speed, and skill, which allows her to always double.

But if you want to ensure she crits, attaching her with a refined slim lance is a surefire way of getting this fashionable knight of Firenne to always get a crit in battle, beating her enemies consistently.

3 Catria

Catria is the middle of the three Pegasus sisters and perhaps the best Pegasus knight in every game she's played. Catria has impressive stats that boast her powerful speed and strength, the only issue being her middling defenses.

However, considering how this high-flier can go in and practically double and one-shot any enemy she comes across, her weaknesses are nothing but specks of dust compared to her strengths.

2 Cordelia

Cordelia is the second Pegasus you get in Fire Emblem Awakening. She is slightly inferior to others regarding skill and speed, but her other stats are infinitely better. For one, she has high HP growth rates, so she will be tanking more attacks than normal Pegasus Knights and hitting back much harder, as Cordelia's strength stat is excellent.

Although she doesn't have the magic growth rates as Sumia, it doesn't matter when you have a unit strong enough to tank a hit and knock an enemy out right afterward. Her stats are mediocre elsewhere, but they're good enough to allow her to take a hit and dish a powerful one back.

1 Caeda

This girl will forever be one of the best Pegasus Knights introduced in Fire Emblem. Being the forerunner for all, Caeda has incredible stats. The only stat that is worrying is her strength stat, which can be supplemented with her personal weapon Wing Spear, which allows her to attack cavalry effectively and armored units with triple effective damage.

Her early access in the game, plus her high stats, will always make her a welcoming team to add to your army, as she is the pioneer for all Pegasus Knights.

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