Fire Emblem Engage: 10 Most Memorable Quotes

Fire Emblem Engage brings a gush of nostalgia for anybody who's played any other Fire Emblem games. This is partly because of the presence of the Emblems from the previous games, which makes you feel connected to Elyos despite it feeling like a new land. You're all just as lost as Alear who has been asleep for 1,000 years.

After the game, there are lines that are sure to have stuck with you. These lines may have been feel-good, or they might've come from your least-liked villain. Regardless, they're well-written and deserve to be revisited after completing the story.

10 If You Can't Stop Them, Support Them

"It Seems I Can't Dissuade You From This Path. All I Can Do Is Walk It With You."

With how headstrong King Morion was, it would have been impossible to stop him from confronting King Hyacinth on the battlefield. The King of Brodia feared running from a battle himself, and felt it wrong to do so since Brodia was hailed as the kingdom of might. Diamant tried to dissuade his father but eventually relented after his father insisted that he must fight for the sake of the kingdom and its reputation.

You can judge King Morion's decision based on the outcome, but if somebody you cared about is insistent on a risky decision and you couldn't stop them, perhaps the best thing you can do is to see that path through with them.

9 A Retreat Isn't A Surrender

"You Can Still Change Your Fate. You Don't Lose By Retreating."

These words from Lucina were much needed comfort, especially after losing most of the Emblem Rings to Sombron and after experiencing a betrayal from a friend. It's also a good reminder to be in favor of strategy above all else when at a clear disadvantage, since heavy emotions like pride or frustration can cloud your judgment.

You couldn't live as long as Zephia (unless you're secretly a dragon), but she probably gave that advice so that she could keep herself from feeling all sorts of negative emotions.

5 Love Hurts

"You Gotta Really Love Somebody… If You Wanna Hurt 'Em That Badly."

The Hounds view of love is distorted, but Griss made a point in this line. Zephia claimed that she just wanted Sombron to know that she'd be gone, implying that she wants him to be hurt over the idea of losing her even if he has all sorts of grand ambitions.

Griss replied with this line, which looks like a twisted way to love a person at first glance. Look further, and it's just a cry for love, and a hope that the one she valued to the world's end would feel a semblance of pain upon losing her.

4 Love Is A Risk

"The Deeper Your Bonds, The Greater Your Pain When Those Bonds Crumble To Dust."

Sombron knows this more than anybody in the cast, especially when his past came to light. He suffered from abandonment, isolation, and tragedy at a young age. He didn't have the privilege of experiencing warmth, and looked at emotional connections that didn't involve a transactional benefit as a weakness that must be eliminated.

This is why he thought of his children who didn't inherit Fell Dragon powers and his children who didn't share his sinister ambitions to be "defects". As irredeemable as he is, Sombron is right when he tells everybody that deep bonds can cause pain through their loss.

3 There's Never Enough Time

"I Know We Would Have To Say Goodbye Someday, But I Thought There Was Time."

If there's one thing to take away from Fire Emblem Engage, it's that there's never enough time. Even for creatures that live as long as dragons, meetings and partings happen abruptly. You see this at the start of the game, when Queen Lumera and Alear reunited after 1,000 years, only to be forced to part again to fight against Sombron.

Loss and partings are commonplace, but the relationships and memories made by the characters with one another are carried through time, even when most of them are long gone.

2 Love And Grief Is A Part Of Life

"Know Love As Well As Grief. Honor Your Bonds, Carry The Light, And Nothing Will Be Impossible."

Sigurd says what everybody needs to hear: love and grief are a part of life, and how you respond to both will be important. Although he specifically directs this line to Alear, it's applicable to every other character present at that moment since they're all sovereigns of their own countries.

This journey made all the characters experience a range of emotions, and it's important for each of them to embrace those emotions so that they can grow to be wiser leaders. Life isn't always going to be a bed of roses, and it's not always going to be a war either, but experiencing a range of situations and knowing how to conduct yourself through them is just part of life.

1 Remember The Good Times

"That's How I Want Us To Remember Each Other. In Joy, Not Sorrow."

After that ending, it'll be hard to remember everything without a tear in your eye. But Marth urging Alear to look back with joy at their experience of fighting side by side, despite the journey itself being long and arduous, is just what we need for closure.

It's also a great way of commemorating the Emblems' fight for good, and a less painful way of saying goodbye to friends who you might never meet again. Alear and their friends lived on borrowed time, but it would've been a greater tragedy if they chose to remember them with great regret and sorrow.

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