Fire Emblem: Three Houses Adds A Fourth House With Cindered Shadows DLC

Fire Emblem…Four Houses? Nintendo’s beloved and award-winning RPG and latest title in the Fire Emblem series may be getting a name change after the announcement of a brand new DLC that introduces a mysterious new fourth house to the halls of Garreg Mach Monastery. The new content will be released on February 12, 2020.

Today has been a pretty big day for Three Houses fans. Only a few hours after Nintendo announced that Byleth would be added to the already Fire Emblem-heavy Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighting roster, the company announced brand new details for one of their biggest games from 2019. Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be getting a new DCL featuring a brand new fourth house.

The new DLC, entitled “Cindered Shadows”, will introduce a new house called the “Ashen Wolves” that is comprised of Garreg Mach outcasts. Nintendo dropped a brand new trailer for the DLC on their official YouTube channel, which showed four new characters interacting with Byleth and each of the three house lords. The trailer explained that the Ashen Wolves house has existed below Garreg Mach for years, operating in the sewers without anyone’s knowledge.

The new house will feature four recruitable characters who will join Byleth and their students as they complete the main story. The YouTube description also implies that the Ashen Wolves’ adventures will be included as a side story, rather than as another path in the game.

Cinder Shadows will be the Fourth Wave in Fire Emblem: Three Houses‘ Expansion Pass, which includes four waves of downloadable content for $24.99. So far, the waves have included new outfits, auxiliary battles, items, battalions, a new playable character (Anna), the ability to interact with animals, and the opening of a new location (Sauna). This is the first DLC Wave to include new story content and multiple playable characters.

Three Houses has also included a fair number of free downloadable content for those who have not purchased the expansion pack. Most notable in the free updates included the addition of Jeritza as a playable character for those playing in the “Crimson Flower” route.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is currently available for the Nintendo Switch.

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