First Footage Of A Gooey Third-Person Shooter From PlayStation Has Leaked

A short clip of an early version of a gooey, unannounced third-person shooter from PlayStation has leaked, with insiders claiming that it's an RPG made in collaboration between XDev and a currently-unknown studio.

Over the past few months, gaming insider Dusk Golem has been teasing the existence of a "gooey" PlayStation game, noting that it was likely to get revealed or leaked at some point in 2023. Well, we're only eight days into the year and that's exactly what's happened, as a short clip of the project has popped up on IconEra.

As shared on ResetEra by –R, the clip originates from IconEra and appears to be a very early version of the untitled game. The short clip shows an unknown character wearing some sort of spacesuit and wielding a rifle looking out at a large gooey creature that seems to have attached itself to a tower. The sky also looks like Sauron, for some reason.

The clip itself is incredibly short, but thankfully there are a few insiders who have revealed a bit more information about the title. According to comments on the IconEra post, the untitled game is a third-person RPG shooter made in Unreal Engine 5 from XDev and a currently-unknown studio. Some have suggested that it could be Project Carbon from Sumo Digital, although that theory seems based on the name and the black goo.

Dusk Golem, the insider who has been teasing the existence of the project over the past few months, said this about the clip, "I personally have seen a lot more of this game, and more recent stuff of this game than this clip. NOT THIS CLIP, but the game itself beyond this clip is at least at a point currently the game is fully voice-acted, music composed specifically for it, been far more fine-tuned than this clip. I just am looking forward to it eventually getting announced on my side and the devs properly showing it off."

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