Forspoken: Chapter 4 – What Must Be Done Walkthrough

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  • An Oath Of Vengeance
  • Detour: A Guided Tour
  • Finding Robian
  • Detour: Robian's Treasured Memories
  • To Sila's Castle
  • Praenost Castle Ramparts

After the bombshell that was the end of Chapter 4, Frey now has a new purpose in life: vengeance. Forspoken finally opens up to a wider world in this chapter, and it's the region of Praenost that is now yours to explore, though the main storyline will only take you through a few areas of it.

In this chapter, Frey resolves to confront and eliminate her first tangible enemy: Tanta Sila, the ruler of Praenost, whose mind has been broken by the Break. There are lots of things to do to accomplish the goal, so let's get into it.

An Oath Of Vengeance

After the cutscenes, you'll be able to explore Cipal again. There is a new crop of Events and Detours to explore, so let's take a look at them. Talk to the four councilors across the city – Councilwoman Dax, Councilman Treahy, Councilman Jennesh, and Councilwoman Bellette. In addition, head up to the throng of praying citizens and join them – praying for Olevia will earn you a little experience, too.

There are three more cat chases to unlock in this chapter. You can do two of them immediately, but the second Black and White Cat chase might only unlock later, once you've been to the archives.

Detour: A Guided Tour

You'll meet a new character, Pilo, near the tavern. Talk to him and you'll begin the first Detour of the chapter, which involves a guided tour of the city. Simply follow Pilo, listening to his and Frey's conversation.

Once you reach the farm/graveyard, you'll automatically begin a second Detour that involves feeding the sheep there. Just use Cuff Search to identify the three sheep who need feeding.

After feeding the sheep (and getting a nice chunk of experience for it), continue following Pilo through the upper city. After the cutscene in which Frey argues with Pilo, head back down to the square in the lower part of the city to finish the quest with Pilo taking you to Finders' Keepers.

Finding Robian

Your main objective at this point is to find Robian – you'll find him in the west section of the city, Harkiska Grove. Approach Robian and Auden here to witness a scene in which he tries to take sap from the tree. After the scene, you're instructed to go to the archives – the entrance to the archives lies in the middle of the stairs towards the throng of worshippers.

On the way to the archives, talk to a guard named Milia to learn more about her. This counts as an event, so you'll be able to find her thanks to the question mark-shaped icon on the map. You'll get some experience for doing so.

In the archive, you'll meet Johedy, an archivist and ex-blacksmith. Examine all the books here to learn more about Athia, and examine the big bookcase at the back of the room to unlock spellcraft challenges. These are usually easy to complete and grant you stat and ability boosts as rewards, so they're well worth doing. You can only have three active at a time, so make sure you're selecting challenges that you know you'll be able to complete in a timely manner. We recommend taking on the challenges for movement abilities first, as they can be completed quickly and easily.

From now on, you'll find these spellcraft challenge bookcases in every single Refuge and Guild that you find across the land.

After leaving the library, head right back in and talk to Johedy again for an event. You get some experience for doing this, too.

Detour: Robian's Treasured Memories

Not so fast! Before you leave the city, return to Auden's room and chat to Robian. It seems he's missing something very precious, and now it's up to us to find it.

Your first stop should be the Harkiska Grove, where you found Robian earlier. Head back there and talk to the guard there to learn that Robian came from the upper city. You'll also get a Healing Draught, which is nice.

Head to the upper city now, to the area indicated by the quest marker. There are three people to talk to here – talk to all of them. The woman at the bottom of the stairs will give you an Animal Bone, but this isn't what Robian is missing.

Now, head to the lower city to another place indicated by the quest marker. When you're close, you'll hear a young boy calling out to you – he's standing up against a wall, so you might have to look around before you're able to see him. He will give you the Medical Textbook, which Frey surmises is what Robian is missing.

With the Medical Textbook in hand, head back to Auden's room and talk to Robian here to complete the Detour.

Talk to Auden after this quest to witness another Event.

Now it's time to leave the city and start making your way to Tanta Sila's Castle. Before you do that, though, talk to the children near the city gates – you'll start the New Perspectives Detour, which involves taking photos of landmarks all across Athia and showing the children the photos. This is how you unlock new Frames and Filters in Forspoken's Photo Mode.

To Sila's Castle

This part of the chapter can be as long or as short as you want it to be – this is the first time you're afforded the ability to travel to more than just two small areas – you have most of Praenost available to you. You won't be able to complete it fully, as you don't have all the movement abilities that the game offers, but you can get a fair bit stronger just heading to any close points of interest as you come across them.

At the very least, you'll have to travel through The Blessed Plains, The Guardians' Way, Middle Praenost, and then The Citadel before you complete this chapter. Check out the following guides to see which points of interest might be worth your while – we recommend taking on the points of interest that reward you with new pieces of equipment, new nail designs, and big chunks of experience.

  • The Blessed Plains
  • The Guardians' Way
  • Middle Praenost
  • The Citadel

At the southern tip of Middle Praenost, you'll reach an area called the Depths of Corruption. Watch the scene here and dive into the break to reach the next area: The Citadel. Getting back the other way is a simple matter of fast traveling.

The Citadel is a little more linear than the rest of Praenost – you have to head to the southeast until you reach Fort Praenost. Here, you'll get a cutscene where Frey and Cuff talk about how quiet it is. Continue on through the valley to the east.

Be sure to grab the Shimmy spell from the Mulberry Found in this area! You'll find it to the east of the Citadel: Western Refuge. Shimmy is a great skill that lets you bound across the land, moving much faster than normal. Be sure to master its spellcraft challenge, too – it'll make it a fantastic way to keep your stamina high while traveling.

Praenost Castle Ramparts

A little bit further from the Citadel: Eastern Refuge, and you'll reach the Praenost Castle Ramparts – you'll be given a quick warning before entering. Make sure you have a full stock of Healing Draughts before entering. It would also be very useful if you had Burst Shot or Scatter Shot at level two, as you'll thank yourself for the higher damage in this next battle.

When you enter the Ramparts, you'll be thrust into a fight against two Recreant Knights. You might have fought quite a few of these as you made your way down to this area, but two Recreant Knights at once are nothing to sniff at.

The important thing here is not to get too greedy – dodging and staying healthy is more important than squeezing every second of damage out of your foes – it's not a race. Begin with one Recreant Knight, taking out one wing at a time. Remember, once a Recreant Knight is down to one wing, it will get far more aggressive and hard to ignore, so make sure you don't end up in a situation where you have two one-winged knights to fight.

After finishing this fight, you'll gain a boost to your Stamina. Continue heading south toward Sila's Castle – you won't be in Pioneers' Plain long before you enter your first Breakstorm. You'll be assaulted on all sides by an infinitely spawning host of Nightmares and your health will drop gradually and consistently, so ignore the enemies and dash all the way to the map marker.

Once you reach the cave, you'll enter a cutscene and the chapter will end.

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