Fortnite 8.51 Update Patch Notes Today: Shadow Bomb added before Epic Games Season 8 event

Creative 8.51 Patch Notes


  • Shadow Bomb
    • Shrouds yourself in shadow, briefly becoming invisible to enemies.
    • 6-second duration
    • User becomes more visible to others near the end of the effect.
    • Increases your movement speed, provides the ability to double jump, and wall jump.
      • Players are unable to attack, build, or loot while under the effects of the Shadow Bomb.


      • New Prefabs and Galleries based on Fortnite Battle Royale’s restaurants and diners.
        • Durrr Burger Prefab
        • Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit Prefab
        • SofDeez Ice Cream Shop Prefab
        • 4 Diner Galleries

        Save the World 8.51 Patch Notes


        • Duet
          • A high damage assault rifle that’s good for sustained fire due to its large magazine capacity.
          • Available in the Weekly Store from May 1 at 8PM ET until May 8 at 8PM ET.

          General Patch Notes


          Bug Fixes & Improvements

          • Any Suggested Friends could not be added to friends.
          • Fortnite
          • Fortnite Season 8

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