Fortnite Bug Allows Players to Use Every Skin

Fortnite’s Marvel crossover has seen big names like Wolverine, Silver Surfer, Storm, and more appear in the game’s superhero-themed Season 4. However, their arrival in the Fortnite universe has not been without its fair share of issues. One YouTuber noticed that the Mystique skin has an exploit that allows players to try any skin in the game, indefinitely.

Mystique’s skin is unlocked at level 80 of Season 4’s Battle Pass and comes with a built-in emote called Shapeshifter. Shapeshifter, when used, allows players using Mystique’s skin to copy the skin of the opponent they last killed regardless of whether or not players own said skin. A fitting ability for a shapeshifting mutant who, in comic book canon, spends most of her time jumping back and forth between anti-hero and full-on villainess.

The Shapeshifter ability only lasts 60 seconds and can be canceled if Mystique takes or deals damage. Once Shapeshifter runs out, players will need to kill another opponent and use the emote again to adopt a new look. However, YouTuber Glitch King discovered an exploit that allows Mystique to keep another player’s skin indefinitely.

In his video, Glitch King explains that to use the exploit, Mystique players will need to join a Creative Mode match with at least one other player, kill and mirror their skin, and then exit to the main hub. Entering another match and then respawning should reveal that Mystique has retained the last skin she shapeshifted into. The skin will not time out and Mystique won’t revert even if she takes or deals damage.

Sadly, players will revert if they are killed and respawn again, but returning to the main hub and repeating the respawn trick will bring back the last skin Mystique copied with Shapeshifter. This exploit only works in Creative Mode, so players won’t have to worry about players donning Mystique skins wreaking havoc in Fortnite’s public matches.

While it’s a great way for players to try out skins and have some fun spooking their friends in Creative Mode, it’s very likely that Epic Games has noticed this glitch and will be pushing out a fix sometime in the future. But not to worry; between collaborations with K-Pop boyband BTS and an upcoming legal battle with Apple, Fortnite and Epic Games will be keeping fans occupied for months to come.

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