Fortnite: Bytes Quests

Three weeks into the new Fortnite season and there's a new type of Battle Pass-exclusive quest for us to sink our teeth into — Bytes quests. It's not uncommon for Fortnite to include a skin with extra cosmetics that can only be unlocked through quests and item collection, and this time around it's an awesome Chrome pickaxe.

This guide will focus on how to complete the new Bytes quests and what each will unlock as you progress through them. They are pretty tough, but it's a fun challenge to have as you play through the season.

Bytes Quests

The Bytes outfit has its own set, including an awesome pickaxe, The Nothing's Gift — even its name is pretty intimidating. It can be obtained on the second page of the Battle Pass, and you must claim all the other Page Two rewards beforehand. It's actually a pretty pricey Battle Pass reward in terms of Battle Stars.

The Nothing's Gift description reads "it must be earned," and that's no lie. You'll have to complete a set of quests in order to collect all of its available styles. Given the difficulty, Epic Games probably meant for Bytes quests to be a season-long challenge. You'll need to complete a challenge before you can move on to the next.

  • Tune the TV while wearing the Bytes outfit

You can either tune the TV in the garage of the house west of Herald's Sanctum or in a house in Lustrous Lagoon, on the northeastern part of the location. Go up to the TV and then press and hold the "tune" button. A message from The Nothing will start playing, telling you that you're finally ready to face your fate but you'll have to prove yourself first. The message is very similar to the pickaxe's description.

  • Damage opponents with EvoChrome Weapons (2,500)

This is the first challenge that you'll receive. It may not seem like a lot at first, but dealing 2,500 damage to opponents with only one type of weapon can be tough. There are only two available, an EvoChrome Assault Rifle and an EvoChrome Shotgun. You can find these easily in Chrome biomes within Chrome quests.

Unfortunately, like in most quests where you could simply damage Loot Sharks or wolves, that won't work this time. You'll either have to damage enemy players or The Herald, the game's boss found within Herald's Sanctum.

  • Tune the TV while wearing the Bytes outfit

The next TV can only be found in the coffee shop in front of the gas station northwest of Herald's Sanctum, another Chrome-filled location. Do this, and the next time you go back to the lobby, you'll be able to claim the Reaper's Lament style for The Nothing's Gift's harvesting tool.

  • Drive distance in Chromed vehicles (5,000)

You can turn a vehicle to Chrome simply by throwing a Chrome Splash onto it. Then, drive around with it for 5,000 meters.

  • Tune the TV while wearing the Bytes outfit

Go to the northeastern part of the Herald's Sanctum. Near the beach, there's a hill with a house behind it where you can find the next TV. Tune it and then you'll receive the Dread Claw style for The Nothing's Gift harvesting tool.

  • Pass through Chrome structures in different named locations (10)

There are 17 named locations in the game, and though some of them have Chrome-contaminated areas, some of them don't. So, to complete this challenge you'll have to collect some Chrome Splash and take it with you to POIs with no Chrome structures. Throwing a Chrome Splash against a wall will turn it into Chrome and you'll be able to phase through it.

  • Tune the TV while wearing the Bytes outfit

Go to Flutter Barn or Chrome Crossroads to find the next TV. This will unlock the Sharpened Sunburst style for The Nothing's Gift harvesting tool.

  • Search Chrome chests (20)

This is the easiest challenge out of all the Bytes quests. When visiting a Chrome POI you can easily open ten Chrome chests in a single match, so this shouldn't take too long. Lustrous Lagoon is the best point of interest for this quest, given how large it is and how many chests can actually spawn there.

You can get collect Chrome Splash and throw it onto a regular chest to turn it into a Chrome chest. It will count towards this quest.

  • Tune the TV while wearing the Bytes outfit

The next TV is in a hut on the beach on the island where the Foundation's statue was. Interact with the TV and you will then receive your next order and the Chaotic Edge style for The Nothing's Gift harvesting tool.

  • Deal damage to Chromed wildlife (2,500)

Loot Sharks can sometimes spawn as Chromed Loot Sharks just like any other life form, but isn't always guaranteed. Thankfully, there are a couple of animals that will always spawn as Chromed wildlife — the Herald's wolves.

Between attacks, the Herald will protect herself with a shield bubble and send out her Chromed wolves. You have to take them down before being able to shoot at her again. Repeat this as many times as you have to until you've dealt 2,500 damage to Chromed wildlife.

  • Tune the TV while wearing the Bytes outfit

Go to Sleepy Sound to interact with the next TV. You will now have unlocked the Razer Thorn style for The Nothing's Gift harvesting tool.

  • Eliminate opponents at a Chromed named location (20)
  • Tune the TV while wearing the Bytes outfit

​​​​​​​This TV is once again in Lustrous Lagoon, this time on the opposite side of the area. Go to a house on the northwestern side of the POI to tune the TV. This will give you the Skewer style for The Nothing's Gift harvesting tool. You will also be able to progress and complete your final Bytes quest.

  • Chrome opponents (10)

​​​​​​​Your mission now is to infect ten opponents with Chrome. So, start by collecting plenty of Chrome Splash so that you can throw it on your opponents before they can even notice it. This is somewhat risky if you're face-to-face with them since you will lose the opportunity to attack first.

You can actually throw multiple Chrome Splash on the same person and it'll count as a different opponent. This might be fixed in the future, though.

If you have a difficult time doing this in a regular game, you can jump onto Team Rumble where you'll constantly respawn.

  • Tune the TV while wearing the Bytes outfit

You can tune the final TV either at Logjam Junction or Synapse Station. The voice will tell you to remain vigilant, and that if need be you shall be summoned. Perhaps this is a sign that there will be more styles for The Nothing's Gift and more quests in the future.

Once you return to the lobby you will receive the Thrasher style, the final style for The Nothing's Gift harvesting tool.

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