Fortnite Could See Impulse Grenades Returning

Skins, pickaxes, and backbling aren't the only things that are cycled in and out of Fortnite. Weapons also come and go, and a recent datamine by the battle royal game's dedicated community has revealed players might well be able to get their hands on Impulse Grenades once again in the near future.

The discovery was made by Hypex (via PCGamesN). The dataminer shared a short clip of the Impulse Grenade in action, highlighting that its sound effects have been tweaked slightly. That may well mean Epic is preparing to return the item to the island, or unvault it to use proper Fortnite terminology. If accurate, the weapon will be returning to the game for the first time since June 2019.

A sign that nothing in Fortnite is ever gone for good if it does come back, and also potentially bad news for fans of the Shockwave Grenade. Whenever the Impulse Grenade is in the game, the Shockwave one is not, and vice versa. Seemingly for no other reason than the two weapons are incredibly similar. Both blast you or your enemies and teammates over a great distance in a specific direction, or right up in the air, without the grenades themselves causing any damage.

The biggest difference between the two is the Shockwave Grenade knocks you over a greater distance, and does so without hitting you with fall damage when you land. Something for newer players who have never experienced the Impulse Grenade before to consider, or for those of you who have forgotten what it's like. It is designed to be used in the same way as its Shockwave cousin, but bear in mind if you are blasted directly up into Fortnite's sky, it's going to hurt when you come back down.

A pretty major con for the Impulse Grenade, but it does have a significant pro. You can carry more of them at one time than you can the Shockwave grenade. No official word on if the switch will be made from Epic just yet, and there's also an outside chance they exist in the game together for the first time. You might even be able to use them on John Cena who will be added to Fortnite later this week.

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