Fortnite fan cheats their way to finals to show how bad anti-cheat measures are

A Fortnite fan fed up with cheats has proven how bad the game is at keeping them out, by making it all the way to the championship finals.

You’d think you’d have to be pretty good to get to the Fortnite Championship Series (FNCS) qualifier finals but it turns out all you need is a decent aimbot to do all the work for you.

Instead of being found out, a player nicknamed Kona revealed that they’d be using an aimbot the whole time, just to prove how bad Fortnite’s anti-cheat software is.

Despite streaming themselves on Twitch using the aimbot, and openly admitting what they were doing, Kona still wasn’t found out until they told organisers what they had been doing.

It’s debateable whether they’ve had the impact they were after though, as apparently they’ve been inundated with requests for a copy of the aimbot they were using.

Other Fortnite players have also criticised the stunt, saying it will make things more difficult for other players.

As a result of the news being made public Kona was dropped by esports organisation Deny, before immediately being signed up by Team Kungarna.

Epic Games has long been criticised for being lenient towards cheating, at both an amateur and professional level, most famously when Damion ‘XXiF’ Cook was found to have been cheating during a tournament and yet was only banned for two weeks.

That meant he was still able to take part in the Fortnite World Cup and win $100,000 (£76,2000) with his teammate.

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