Fortnite First-Person Mode May Be Imminent As Dataminers Find New Files

Although nothing official has been mentioned, let alone announced, it's believed Fortnite has had a first-person mode in the works for a while. Fresh clues pointing to that mode being implemented soon reared their head today as updated first-person files were found buried deep in Fortnite's latest update.

Shared by Shiina and discovered by AyeTSG, not only do the updated files point to Fortnite's first-person mode being rolled out soon, but they also suggest the battle royale will be getting the option too. Some might well have assumed something as experimental, at least when it launches, as a first-person mode would be limited to Fortnite's creative islands, but apparently not.

As for how wanted a Fortnite first-person mode is, and how much it will be used if and when it is eventually added to the game, remains unclear. One of the battle royale's biggest selling points is the ability to make your character look like just about anyone. Epic has teamed up with Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and almost everyone in between, bringing characters from all of those universes and more into Fortnite.

However, if you're playing the game in first-person, you won't be able to see your Darth Vader outfit. Other players will still be able to see it, of course, and showing off what you've unlocked is part of the point. However, not being able to see it yourself, especially if you spent a lot of hours or a significant chunk of V-Bucks to get it, might not appeal to a large section of the Fortnite player base.

That long list of crossover characters will get a little longer later today as Fortnite confirmed it will be teaming up with Dragon Ball for a second time. Joining Vegeta and Goku will be Piccolo and Son Gohan. They follow Isaac Clarke from Dead Space into The Loop, and also The Kid Laroi who was added to the game as part of his virtual experience last week.

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