Fortnite Is Reportedly Working On Wanted System

This week's Fortnite update was big, adding a Dragon Ball crossover and files hinting a first-person mode is in the works. There's also mention of a wanted feature being added to the game, but other than a few minor details, no one is entirely sure what that feature might look like.

The wanted hints were first noticed by Fortnite leaker Hypex. If you have a wanted level, then you can spend 100 gold to “reduce heat”. The leak comes with a poster featuring the words “most wanted” and a player wearing a balaclava. Apparently, the poster is connected to a quest that will revolve around the new wanted-level feature.

Beyond that, it has been up to the imaginations of Fortnite players to figure out what the wanted level system might be made up of in-game. When most people hear the words wanted level and video game in the same sentence, they think of Grand Theft Auto. The Rockstar series has been built around a wanted level star system since the very first game.

The more crime you commit in a GTA game, the higher your wanted level rises. That results in the games' AI police presence increasing as that level goes up. Fortnite's take on that system could well be a new LTM. Everyone starts with a low wanted level and needs to evade AI enemies for as long as possible. The longer you last, the higher your wanted level gets, unless you can pay off a star or two by using your hard-earned gold.

Other players have suggested the wanted level might be tied to a mode where the leading player or squad has to be hunted down by the rest of the lobby. The further they increase their lead, the higher that wanted level gets, again with the option to spend gold to reduce the heat. Since the new feature already has a poster tied to a quest, hopefully it won't be too long until it's rolled out.

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