Fortnite Players Are Using Spider-Man’s Emote For Stealth Kills

Fortnite players are using Spider-Man's built-in emote for stealth kills, sparking concerns that it's "pay-to-win".

Fortnite's first season of its latest chapter finally introduces Spider-Man to the Island, and he's brought with him several big features, including the ability to swing around the map with his web-shooters. Although web-swinging was to be expected, one thing that Fortnite players are pretty surprised to see is how one of Spider-Man's emotes is being called "pay-to-win".

As is the case with most Fortnite characters, Spidey comes with his own built-in emote, called "Neighbourly Hang". Using the emote has Spider-Man shoot a web up into the air and hang from it. The emote has no timer attached to it, meaning players can hang in the air for as long as they like, and Spider-Man makes no discernable noises to help players spot him.

Players are using this to make Spider-Man hide above ground and get a stealth kill on opponents who usually don't have to look up to the ceiling. Some players are even creating traps for other players by placing powerful guns underneath themselves and waiting for others to come into the room to pick them up, before jumping down and taking them out.

Several videos of Fortnite players using Spider-Man's emote to win matches have spread across YouTube and TikTok, with many players claiming that the skin offers a "pay-to-win" advantage. Players can choose to buy battle stars to unlock Spider-Man and his unique emote whenever they want, meaning that players who know that this emote can be used in this way might buy him just to have an advantage.

Epic hasn't yet commented on the emote, but footage from players using it in matches to hide in buildings and create traps for other players make it clear that it can be a bit overpowered in the right hands. This situation is similar to the Deep Dab exploit, which allowed players to use an emote to lower themselves to the ground and fit between specific structures.

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