Fortnite Players Discuss The Worst Collaborations To Hit The Island So Far

Fortnite players are discussing some of the game's worst collaborations so far, including some that you've likely forgotten about like the brief Doctor Who collaboration and a premiere for a Quibi show.

If there's one thing that Fortnite has become known for over the past few years, it's the seemingly endless number of crossovers. From obvious picks like Marvel and DC characters to stranger ones like MrBeast, Rick, Morty, and even Mike Lowry from Bad Boys, there's no limit to what Epic Games can bring to the Island. Maybe it should limit itself, however, as not every collaboration quite lives up to the mark.

That's exactly what Fortnite players have been discussing over on the game's subreddit, with Redditor Gaminggeek0699 asking the community what they thought was the worst collaboration. There's a wide range of answers, but there are guaranteed to be a few here that you never even knew happened. I certainly didn't.

Perhaps the most surprising answer comes from Redditor ThatGuyLiam72, who says that the Doctor Who crossover is Fortnite's worst so far. You're likely raising an eyebrow right now, but there really was a Doctor Who crossover event at the start of 2022, albeit one that was limited to Creative Mode. The only thing to come out of it was a unique map and spray, however, so it wasn't very popular. Let's hope the rumours of a new Doctor Who collab are true so it can be done justice.

One of the more popular answers on the thread comes from InvestigatorUnfair, who said "How the hell has nobody mentioned Quibi?". Apparently, Fortnite teamed up with Quibi to premiere an episode of Punk'd over at Risky Reels. The event offered no kind of reward and was barely advertised, which was pretty much the fate of Quibi too in fairness, so at least it was accurate.

Another answer that crops up a few times in the thread is the Wreck it Ralph collab. Before the release of Ralph Breaks the Internet, Ralph popped up randomly at Risky Reels, which seemed to imply something big was coming. Nothing really came out of it beyond that, except for an emote called Hot Marat that I have never even seen. Redditor BebeFanMasterJ notes that Ralph should have been easy to get in the game if they've managed to shrink Hulk down, but it seems unlikely we'll ever get anything out of it.

A lot of the comments mention collaborations that were big missed opportunities, but none seem quite as big as The Matrix crossover towards the end of 2021. Although the free glider was a nice touch and the Bullet Time emote was the thing of IP soup dreams, the one thing that everyone wanted to see most was a skin for Trinity and Neo, something that didn't end up happening. That's even stranger when you consider that The Matrix Unreal Engine 5 demo was released around the same time.

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