Fortnite public service signs map locations: Neo Tilted, Mega Mall, Pressure Plant

Fortnite public service announcement signs headline the week 10 challenges for the season 9 Battle Pass.

Fortnite fans will be searching for public service announcement signs in Neo Tilted, Mega Mall and the Pressure Plant.

Fortnite Battle Royale players need to find five of these public service announcement signs to complete the week 9 season 10 challenge.

Completing visit different public service announcements signs in Neo Tilted, Pressure Plant or Mega Mall will reward Fortnite fans with five Battle Stars.

If you’re struggling to find the Fortnite public service announcement signs then don’t worry, has you covered.

We have the locations for all the Fortnite public service announcement signs you need to locate.

Neo Tilted has six public service signs while both the Pressure Plant and Mega Mall have seven.

Mega Mall might be one of the best places to complete this challenge in, as you can run from one end of the mall to another to visit all the sign you need to.

In case you’re wondering, then here is the full list of leaked Fortnite week 10 challenges for season 9…


• Use an Air Strike in different matches (3)

• Damage opponents with Shotguns (500)

• Search 7 Ammo Boxes in a single match (7)


• Visit different public service announcement signs in Neo Tilted, Pressure Plant, or Mega Mall (5)

• Staged Challenge: Collect … from …

– Stage 1: Collect Wood from a Pirate Ship or Viking Ship (100)

– Stage 2: Collect Stone from a Fork Knife or Umbrella (100)

– Stage 3: Collect Metal from a Robot Factory (100)

• Eliminate opponents in Pleasant Park or Paradise Palms (3)

• Damage opponents with a pickaxe (200)

The Fortnite week 10 challenges are the last weekly challenges for Fortnite season 9 before the start of Fortnite season 10.

Throughout season 9 of Fortnite there has been a countdown running showing how much time is left till it finishes.

The countdown has said that the final full day for Fortnite season 9 would be Tuesday July 23.

This could mean that Fortnite season 10 could start on Wednesday July 24, if Epic Games followed previous launch schedules.

However, a previous PlayStation event listing claimed that Fortnite season 9 would finish on Thursday August 1.

But this has yet to be confirmed with the countdown in the Battle Pass still saying that Fortnite season 9 is finishing on Tuesday July 23.

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