Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass Includes Superman And Rick From Rick And Morty

Rick from Rick and Morty will be joining Superman as part of Fortnite’s Season 7 Battle Pass.

The trailer for the Season 7 Battle Pass confirmed a galactic theme is coming to the game, and revealed that the two big guest characters starting the season off are Rick and Superman.

The trailer shows Rick in a cel-shaded style, similarly to how the Butter Robot was stylised in the teaser. From the trailer, it looks like you can also get the Toxic version of Rick as an unlockable, as you can briefly see him in the background of one of the shots of gameplay. Some of the enemies also look like Krombopulos Michael, although that could be a coincidence.

Superman is also a part of this season’s pass and is also shown with a Clark Kent variant. This is likely similar to characters like Tony Stark that allow a specific emote to switch between two skins, although it could also be a separate skin entirely. One section of the trailer also makes it seem like Superman’s drop-in animation will have him flying in, similarly to characters like Thor that have their own unique style.

Alhough Superman and Rick are the highlights of the trailer, there are also some key things to take away from it. One shot of gameplay shows a UFO being used as a vehicle, and it can be used to pick up items and presumably players.

Several of the new guns were also shown off, including one that shoots out a destructive laser. Rick can also be seen at several points in the trailer using a gravity gun that picks up items and shoots them, confirming one of the earlier teases for the Season.

A big part of this season’s gameplay seems to focus on alien enemies, as they are seen at several points in the trailer. There are shots in the trailer that make it seem like they’ll be able to drive the UFO vehicles as well, but other sections show them looking like enemies you can run into on the map.

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