Fortnite Teams Up With Casetify For Exclusive iPhone Accessories

Epic Games has entered a partnership with Casetify to produce Fortnite-themed accessories for a variety of Apple devices. This includes several iPhone and AirPod cases, along with a few Apple Watch bands.

The lineup features a variety of designs highlighting different characters from the world of Fortnite, including Cuddle Team Leader, DJ Yonder, Peely, and the Durrr Burger. Designs will be printed on Castify’s Impact Cases and Ultra Impact Cases.

If you don’t happen to have an iPhone, you can still pick up the exclusive new Casetify + Fortnite water bottle, which features many of the same iconic faces adorning its sides.

“Both Casetify and Fortnite are known for their loyal followings possessing a unique, creative spirit, so we’re especially excited to introduce them to our vibrant collection that celebrates the game’s beloved characters,” said Wes Ng, Casetify CEO and co-founder. Products in the lineup will retail for $35 to $52.

Fortnite continues to be just as popular as ever, despite launching nearly four years ago. Its latest event featuring Aloy and Lara Croft was expected to kick off last week, but was postponed due to a few technical issues. The game also boasts an impressive lineup of toys and action figures – and this new gear lineup from Casetify is a great addition to the Fortnite family.

While you’ll soon be able to protect your iPhone in Fortnite-style, you still can’t play the popular battle royale on iOS. Epic Games and Apple continue their legal woes, with players unable to access Fortnite on the App Store – and no known workarounds available. At the time of writing, there is no end in sight to the legal battle, although fans must be eager for the lawsuits to wrap up and for Epic’s game to once again grace the App Store.

As for Casetify, the company is no stranger to massive collaborations. In the past, it has worked with the NBA, Disney, and even the Louvre.

Casetify will launch the new Fortnite products on May 6. You can find them for sale on the official Casetify website.

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