Fortnite update 10.20 early patch notes: Zapper Trap, Kevin the Cube, Downtime news

Fortnite developer Epic Games is getting ready to release a brand new update.

Fortnite content update 10.20 is expected to launch alongside patch notes at midday on September 3.

As a content update, the good news is that 10.20 isn’t likely to require any downtime.

According to the early patch notes, update 10.20 introduces the Zapper Trap item.

Not only was this new item leaked as part of last week’s update, but it’s also featured as part of the in-game newsfeed.

“Danger: High voltage,” reads the in-game description. “Trap ’em and zap ’em.”

Players will reportedly be able to place the Zapper Trap on floors, walls, roofs and potentially even enemy builds.

Once activated, the Zapper Trap will almost certainly damage unlucky players with an electric shock.

You can take a look at the upcoming Zapper Trap item below.

Elsewhere, Epic Games looks certain to bring back Kevin the Cube as part of the latest wave of map changes.

A new rift beacon has appeared at Fatal Fields, which suggests that map changes will be made this week.

Judging by past leaks such as the Week 6 loading screen (top of the page), the rift beacon will introduce a floating island powered by Kevin the Cube.

With a hotel located on the island, expect it to hover above Fatal Fields once the update goes live.

It’s also possible update 10.20 will add the IT Chapter 2 event ahead of this week’s movie release. 

Elsewhere, Epic Games is working on gameplay tweaks and bug fixes for a number of long-running issues.

Potentially fixed as part of this week’s update, this includes an issue with inventory items appearing on screen after closing the inventory.

Several cosmetics and pickaxe effects are reportedly not rendering properly, while lighting is darker than intended since v.9.20.

Some players are also getting stuck at the “Sending Report…” screen after reporting during a replay.

Express Online will have the full list of patch notes when update 10.20 goes live on September 3.

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