Fortnite Update 9.0 Patch Notes CONFIRMED: New Map locations, Battle Pass, Slipstreams


  • Slipstreams
    • These tunnels of wind passively carry players down the stream.
      • Players can move faster and change direction when actively trying to move down the Stream.
      • Use directional input to gain extra velocity. Experiment with bobbing up and down for higher speeds.
    • Players are launched when exiting the tube based on their movement speed and exit angle.
    • Projectiles and Vehicles can also enter the Slipstream.
    • Air Vents
      • The powerful gusts of air from these environmental items can launch players short distances and grant immunity to fall damage.
      • Fortbytes
        • Fortbytes are a series of 100 collectible computer chips available to Battle Pass owners. As you collect Fortbytes, you’ll decrypt a mysterious image. Collect them all to unlock rewards and uncover the secrets of Season 9.
        • On the first day of Season 9, there are 18 Fortbytes available to find. At least 1 new Fortbyte will be unlocked each day. Check the Challenges Tab for detailed information on which Fortbytes are currently available and when the others unlock.
        • Fortbytes cannot be collected after Season 9 ends.
        • Disconnected players will stay in the world for 60 seconds. They still take damage and count for elimination points.
          • Resolved an issue with the UI showing health gains incorrectly if the player canceled the consumable close to completion time.
          • PS4 controller lighting not always matching your pin color when in Squads.
          • Players not able to use Hold to Swap if they previously picked an item up normally
          • Adjusted turbo building to be more forgiving under poor network conditions
          • Fixed cases of jittery movement under certain conditions.



          SOLID GOLD

          ONE SHOT


          • Players who have already qualified to be in the World Cup will be marked with a World Cup badge on the event leaderboards
          • Leaderboards now have a button to sort games by the number of top leaderboard players in them. This will help identify the most critical active games from a leaderboard standing view.
          • The in-game HUD now has different icons for points for Arena matches and weekend tournament matches.


          • Improved frame rate on Nintendo Switch, particularly when large numbers of characters are onscreen.
          • Addressed some cases of invisible characters after skydiving.


          • Better tactical audio when inside player-built structures:
            • Enemy Pickaxe impact within ~one building tile radius has new, louder sound.
            • Wallbreak by enemy close/behind player much clearer/louder.
          • Explosion audio improvements- shorter, higher dynamic range sounds that will make explosion audio clearer and punchier.
          • UI

            • “Swap” text appearing in the pickup UI will no longer appear when picking up more resources than the player can carry.
            • The initial storm warning timer was incorrectly showing as 0.
            • Spectators and replay watchers can now report users.
            • Fixed party invites not showing up in the UI if the user logged out and back in again.


            • Spectating a player’s match will now automatically follow that player. 


            • Auto fire will now trigger on vehicles.
            • Added option for increasing elimination feed line count in the HUD Layout Tool.
            • Dragging/Dropping from the quickbar is now allowed while jumping.
            • The location of the boost button on Android for the X-Stormwing has been moved to avoid triggering the Home button.
            • Squad formation is now accessible.
            • The delay with interacting when using the quickbar slots has been resolved.
            • Weapon icons now correctly display icons on the quickbar.
            • Fixed sliders that were broken in the Dead Zone tab of the Controller Options.
            • Auto fire adjustments:
              • Semi-automatic weapons now fire correctly.
              • Increased acquisition delay for shotguns.
            • Dynamite trajectory indicator is now correctly displayed during use.
            • Ziplines can no longer be ridden past their endpoints.
            • Autorun no longer takes more than two taps to initiate after jumping from Battle Bus.
            • Cooldown Timer visual for boost buttons on vehicles is now displayed correctly.
            • The camera no longer shakes when entering the X-Stormwing.
            • Left virtual thumbstick no longer becomes invisible when holding left or right and pressing the fire button.
            • The Harvest Tool UI button in HUD layout is no longer invisible.
            • The stair railing in Pleasant Park no longer clips through the door.
            • Variant numbers partially hidden in the preview screen by the “X” button.
            • The Dream cosmetic is now correctly displaying:
              • The butterfly
              • Eye glow effect
              • Widow’s Bite pickaxe visual effect issue has been resolved.
              • The Cooldown ring timer showing briefly when switching seats in Cannon.
              • Interact Icon is no longer missing with certain consumables.
              • Input Blocked text will no longer appear when opening the inventory.
              • The Item Shop arrows now display correctly on iPhone XS Max.     
              • GENERAL

                • Reworked default button layout to be consistent across vehicles (Enter, Exit, Switch Seat and Boost)


                • Sub-game select screen has been refreshed.

                Bug Fixes & Improvements

                • Improved visibility of squad icons on lobby player pads in large parties
                • Squad icons in large parties can no longer show an empty slot as ready
                • Selecting a highlighted team member in the lobby with a controller can no longer show options for a different member
                • Players will now appear correctly as a hologram, when joining a player currently in match
                • Reworded Squad formation messaging to be more clear
                • Fixed invisible character parts of players who are still loading into the match.


                • Players now remain in the Party voice channel by default when entering a match. The Game channel is still available, but the switch is no longer automatic.
                • Added a setting for the display of voice chat indicators.

                Bug Fixes & Improvements

                • Suggested friends in the social panel match the suggestions in the launcher
                • The “Sit Out/Jump In” button in Squad Formation is now displayed correctly
                • Sending a friend invite to a suggested friend no longer fails
                • Can now still send party invites after joining and leaving a party while set to “Friend” party privacy
                • Fixed potentially incorrect notification message when joining a channel
                • Voice indicators are no longer stuck on screen when leaving a party while members are speaking
                • Fixed duplicate voice indicators appearing for the same speaker


                • Optimized the eye adaption rendering effect
                • Optimized animation performance for ControlRig (Werewolf, Krampus).

                KNOWN ISSUES

                • Want to track the top community issues? Head over to our Fortnite | Community Issues Trello board here.
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