Fortnite visit pirate camps: How to find ALL map locations for week 7 challenge

FORTNITE VISIT PIRATE CAMPS – UPDATE ONE: The Fortnite week 7 challenges have just gone live – and visit pirate camps is one of them.

If you’re struggling to find all the map locations for the Fortnite week 7 challenge then you can find out where the pirate camps are below.

ORIGINAL: Fortnite visit pirate camps could be part of the week 7 challenges for the Battle Pass season 8.

As per usual the latest Fortnite challenges leaked ahead of it going live in the Battle Royale Battle Pass.

And one of those challenges for Fortnite week 7 is visit pirate camps in a single match.

The leaked Fortnite challenges have in recent weeks been entirely accurate, so there’s a good chance that could be the same again this week.

However, as always there is the possibility that one or more of the leaked challenges – which are obtained from datamined files – could get swapped out.

This could be the case this week as pirate camps are also the focus of one of the newly launched Buccaneer’s Bounty challenges.

It would be surprising for Epic Games to launch two challenges in one week focused on the same thing, but stranger things have happened.

Pirate camps were also the focus of a week 1 challenge in season 8 which is another reason why it would be surprising if it gets repeated.

But if one of the Fortnite week 7 challenges is visit pirate camps in a single match and you’re struggling finding it then we’re here to help. has rounded up details on where you can find all the pirate camps in Fortnite Battle Royale.

In total there are seven pirate camps for Fortnite fans to find on the Battke Royale map.

These are evenly distributed around the map and the locales also tend to have pirate flags hoisted up and flying which makes it easy to spot.

You can check out the map in this story to find out where all the Fortnite pirate camps map locations are.

And in case you’re wondering, here is a full list of the leaked Fortnite week 7 challenges for season 8…

• Damage opposing players while riding a zipline

• Damage opposing players from above

• Damage opposing players with the pickaxe

• Get eliminations at two named locations

• Open chests and two named locations

• Visit pirate camps in a single match

• Visit sets of two named locations

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