Fortnite week 5 challenges: Pirate camps and volcano vents map locations

Fortnite week 5 challenges are set to go live in the season 8 Battle Pass on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, PCs and Macs.

And thanks to dataminers Fortnite fans once again have a good idea of what to expect from the Fortnite week 5 challenges.

The leaked Fortnite week 5 challenges will have players again looking for volcano vents and pirate camps map locations.

Use a volcano vent, a zipline, and a vehicle in the same match and eliminate opponents at pirate camps are leaked Fortnite week 5 Battle Pass challenges.

If you’re struggling to find the locations of Fortnite volcano vents or Fortnite pirate camps then don’t worry, is here to help.


Eliminate opponents at pirate camps is one of the Fortnite week 5 Battle Pass challenges.

Check out the map in this story to find seven pirate camp locations you can visit for this week 5 challenge.

The pirate camps give players an opportunity to explore some of the locations added for season 8.

This includes the fort on the brand new Volcano point of interest.

Another can be found near Lazy Lagoon, which is another brand new location in Fortnite.


Check out the map in this story to find locations for the Fortnite volcano vents.

You can find a cluster of them dotted around the Fortnite volcano that’s in the north east section of the Battle Royale map.

We’ve marked five Fortnite volcano vents you can find near the Fortnite volcano POI.

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