Fortnite’s New Character Hints That Chapter 4 Might Be A Prequel

Fortnite has an underlying story that has been built on from its launch, something newer players might not be aware of. If you have been playing since the beginning, and have somehow managed to keep track, the latest twist may well point to the current chapter taking place before the first one.

Yes, that's right. As if trying to follow along with Fortnite's complex story wasn't difficult enough already, especially if you're trying to play catch-up, now it seems the events aren't even in chronological order, as highlighted by Eurogamer. Confirmation for a lot of players that chapter four is actually a Fortnite prequel comes in the form of AMIE, the AI that has been in your in-game head for a very long time, taking a physical form.

AMIE now has a robot body, something she needed to leave Fortnite's current reality to go searching for her creator, The Scientist. AMIE's new robot body looks almost exactly like one that was an unlockable skin all the way back in chapter one season six. Added to the game in 2018, that alone serves as evidence you really need to have been paying close attention, and need a really good memory, to have made that connection.

Further evidence that AMIE assuming a physical form actually happened before chapter one is the chapter one skin's name. AIM, so effectively a shortened version of AMIE. Also pointing to chapter four being a Fortite prequel is the reveal of The Champion, the game's villain and leader of the Imagined Order. A character called Geno has been unmasked in Fortnite's accompanying comic, and it seems very likely he and The Champion are one and the same.

If all of the above has left you baffled and you're just interested in dropping from the Battle Bus and eliminating your rivals, that's fine too. Elsewhere in Fortnite's universe this week, Dragon Ball Super versions of Gohan and Piccolo have arrived, and weekly quests have returned to being wiped at the end of the season rather than at the end of every week.

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