Fortnite’s Stranger Things event skins might be the best outfits yet

Fortnite fans have uncovered new skins as part of the Stranger Things event.

As fans wait for the Fortnite x Stranger Things event to start, leaked images of new skins have been revealed online.

Discovered by @FireMonkey, @s1IOx and @FortTory, the new skins include the Demogorgan monster from the Upside Down, and Chief Hopper.

Possibly some of the best event skins yet, the new items should be available to purchase later today.

You can take a look at the leaked Stranger Things skins below.

The Fortnite x Stranger Things crossover event was confirmed by Epic Games earlier today.

The Fortnite developer is yet to reveal any details about the event, other than a tweet featuring the Fortnite x Stranger Things logo.

Hints of a Stranger Things crossover appeared at the start of Season 9, when Epic added the Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream Parlor to the Mega Mall.

And with the Fortnite season coming to an end soon, portals have also started to appear in the same location.

Fans of the TV show will recognise the portals as the entry points to the Upside Down.

It’s possible we’ll get some kind of player-vs-enemy-vs-player action, or perhaps even a twisted version of the Fortnite map.

Either way. we should find out more later today, especially now that Stranger Things Season 3 has been released on Netflix.

Assuming it is a new event and not just a chance to buy skins, the Stranger Things crossover would take place during the 14 Days of Summer celebration.

The 14 Days of Summer event features daily challenges, new rewards and lots of different LTMs.

Fortnite developer Epic Games has also been unvaulting weapons as part of the event, but only for 24-hours at a time.

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