Gamers Are Mad That People Find Ghost Hot In Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 launched last month, continuing the story of the rebooting Modern Warfare series. So far, it's generally gone down well with most players, especially after Vanguard proved more divisive. However, that doesn't mean it hasn't been without its controversy – and we're not talking about the matchmaking debate, or that godawful bit where you "de-escalate" civilians by pointing a gun in their face.

No, what's broken the Call of Duty fanbase is a debate on whether it's okay to find Ghost hot or not. Yes, really. The Call of Duty side of TikTok is in the midst of a heated controversy, with gamer bros accusing women of "sexualizing Ghost". They also accuse his simps of demeaning a character who should be taken seriously, furious that Ghost has become the latest character to get the softboy treatment.

"Why on earth did y'all have to sexualize Ghost?" says one fan, in a now-viral TikTok that appears to have been deleted. However, before it was removed, a bunch of Ghost stans duetted, fueling the debate.

Right now, searching Ghost on TikTok gives you a weird mashup of typical gamer edits that make him look like a sigma male, and fancams that gush over his looks. The two sides don't appear to be getting along very well either, with Ghost-lovers only becoming emboldened as their detractors attempt to shame them.

While most of the fighting is as lighthearted as the situation calls for, some dudes are getting way too into it. For whatever reason, some of them can't just sit by and let the gays and the gals enjoy the character, and are legitimately trying to argue that sexualizing Ghost is unethical. And I mean… I'll just let the next video speak for itself.

If you've managed to dodge the gamer bro takes on TikTok so far, then enjoy it while it lasts. I haven't even played the game, and it's dominating my For You Page. It doesn't seem like the sexy Ghost debate is going anywhere anytime soon.

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