Games Festival Enter The Dragon Brings More Than 90 Games From China And Taiwan To Steam

A week-long celebration of Chinese games, known as Enter the Dragon, is heading to Steam later this month. This showcase will put the spotlight on more than 90 games created by Chinese and Taiwanese studios. Beginning April 22, you can check out games from the region ranging from quaint indies to upcoming blockbusters.

Organized by indie studio Pixmain, Enter the Dragon is a response to the difficulties developers faced during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the restrictions on international travel, many game developers in China and the surrounding regions have struggled to get their games to international audiences. Jeff Huang, the head of publishing at Pixmain, shared that many of the studios in China and Taiwan “rely on getting their games in front of the global gaming community,” and these restrictions have hindered them from building a fanbase, gaining exposure, and getting important early feedback.

Even as the world slowly begins to reopen, these game developers are still dealing with the ramifications of travel restrictions. Therefore, Huang hopes that this showcase will “fill a need by offering developers and publishers a chance to take their products to the virtual stage and gain visibility globally”.

Enter the Dragon will showcase almost 100 games in its week-long span. While some titles, like 2019’s My Time At Portia, have been around for a bit, some are still in development. This will allow players to discover a title they may not have heard about yet or to get excited about an upcoming release. Games set to make an appearance include My Time At Sandrock, Ballads of Hongye, Concerto on White, and much more.

The event will kick off with an opening night show. Throughout the week, viewers will be treated to virtual spotlights on Chinese and Taiwanese publishers as well as special appearances from streamers around the world. Many developers and publishers will be making an appearance throughout the event including bilibili, Lightning Games, Yooreka Studio, Thermite Games, indinova, and a bunch of newcomers. There will also be discounts and specials on bundles throughout the week.

Enter the Dragon kicks off on April 22 and will be live-streamed on Twitch and a Steam event page until April 29.

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