Games Inbox: Should GTA V and Red Dead Redemption be released for PS5?

The evening Inbox wonders what game will win E3 2019, as one reader reveals the awful truth behind Final Fantasy VIII’s lack of remasters.

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Has anyone considered the possibility that Rockstar are going to release Red Dead Redemption II and GTA V on the next gen consoles? The situation’s less clear cut than last time, when GTA V came out so close to the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but I think there’s a good chance.

That could be why they’re delaying the PC version of Red Dead Redemption II, because they want it and the next gen consoles to take advantage of more powerful hardware and more advanced graphical techniques. In fact, I’m convinced that’s what’s going on, especially as Red Dead Online is an ongoing thing that they aren’t going to want to see end just because new consoles came out.

GTA Online is the same. Sales for GTA V are still insane and I could easily see many people triple-dipping if an upgraded version was released for the new consoles. That is a stretch considering it’s basically an Xbox 360 game but I don’t see why Rockstar wouldn’t want to continue have the money pouring in for so relatively little effort.
Ashton Marley


Winning E3

I wonder what’s going to end up stealing the show at this year’s E3. Last year I think it was Cyberpunk 2077 and I think it has a good chance of doing it again, especially if it’s a lot different from the first look, which is what they’ve bene hinting.

Microsoft will be aiming to make themselves the big news though, I guess with Halo Infinite and the new Fable. I’m not sure how excited I can get about either of those but it does depend on what they show so there’s a chance.

Without Metroid Prime 4 or Bayonetta 3 I don’t know that Nintendo really has the big guns ready this year, as good as I’m sure things like Animal Crossing and Luigi’s Mansion 3 might be. I’m also very curious to see how Bethesda will try and redeem themselves and if we’ll finally get that Splinter Cell reboot. Here’s hoping it lives up to the usual excitement even without Sony.


Hardcore gore

I see there’s rumours of a new Mortal Kombat movie reboot, perhaps the first of many now that Detective Pikachu has made video game movies look like a good idea again. As far as I’m concerned the first Mortal Kombat is still the best movie but I’m sure the new one won’t be going with such a cheesy tone. Presumably it’ll take its story seriously and maybe even go for hardcore 18-rate gore.

I know you could argue that’s true to the series nowadays but I really can’t see that putting many bums on seat. The problem with video game movies is that there are so few franchises that are actually family friendly, as in they could appeal to almost anyone of any age, like Marvel and Star Wars do.

Things like Detective Pikachu are too childish and Hitman and Doom to grimdark adult, there’s so little in the middle that I think that’s the reason it never really works. It’s a problem for games themselves too. So many of the most acclaimed are 18-rated and very violent or sweary. From my experience of my girlfriend that’s what puts a lot of people off, not the complex controls or difficulty.


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The awful truth

Kurt’s letter this morning about Final Fantasy VIII is true, it was the least re-released Final Fantasy title, but why? The answer is simple but deep, Square Enix lost most of the source code for it. Back in the ‘90s game preservation wasn’t really being thought about much and sadly this has led to all sorts of games being lost to time, Panzer Dragoon Saga being one of them.

Square, however, seem to have been particularly gifted at this, even starting with Final Fantasy VII. The PC port of this was notoriously ropey and this stems from the fact that the source code given to the California team wasn’t the final version, it was an older build riddled with bugs not present in the PlayStation retail copy, contained scenes that had been cut, and was missing things from the final one; they had to literally cobble it together. The final version they eventually got running also wasn’t saved. The 2013 modern ports had to be reverse engineered.

What’s somewhat maddening as well is the backgrounds and CGI cut scenes for VII to IX were all pre-rendered at a high resolution and then compressed them down to fit the PS1, after which the higher-grade stuff seems to have been mostly binned. We could have had lovely high-res versions years ago. Final Fantasy IX seems to have fared better with the character models being higher res in the recent PlayStation 4 port, but the backgrounds are grainy and pixelated as the high-res backgrounds are long since gone.

Back to VIII though and it’s sadly the case that there isn’t an easily portable source code set left, so we’re unlikely to see a remaster as they would essentially be starting from scratch with it. As for a remake, given the cost of VII I think it’s unlikely.


Secret adaptation

I saw Detective Pikachu yesterday and thought it was pretty good. Not going on my all time list or anything but I enjoyed it, it was funny, and was very authentic to the games without just becoming non-stop fan service.

But I still think it’s a weird choice to make a film out of. I’ve never heard anyone ever talk about the game and if it wasn’t for GC reviewing it back in the day I don’t think I’d have even heard of it. You can download it still, but it’s not in shops and Nintendo don’t seem to be advertising it at all along side the film – they’re going for Let’s Go, Pikachu instead.

I don’t know what it says that the most accurate video game adaption is at once the most successful film and the most obscure game.
Web Bowser


First impressions count

Yes, Stranger, the script is very important to the end product in cinema, but trailers and general first impressions are also important for indicating the quality of the script and almost everything else about the film.

The trailer for Detective Pikachu convinced a lot of people that it would have a fun script and it was at the very least visually on point and faithful to the universe. What did the trailer for Sonic convince people about the script and the visuals? ‘Gotta go fast…’

The problem with asking people to reserve judgement until they’ve seen the film is they’d need to spend their time and probably money to do so. Something about Detective Pikachu clearly convinced people (including you, apparently) to make that effort. What is it about Sonic that would do the same? Surely a clear discrepancy in terms of first impressions can still be a valid topic of discussion.


Making time

Just to let everyone know but there’s going to be a Super Mario Maker 2 mini-Direct this Wednesday at 11pm. It’s only 15 minutes long but I know I’m not the only person that’s really looking forward to it, even though to the casual eye it doesn’t look much different to the last one.

I love game construction kits like this and wish there was more of them. But other than RPG Maker there’s really not much. That’s why I’m also interested in Dreams and may actually buy a PlayStation 4 just to play it, if the reviews are good.


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Happy to wait

There were quite a few reviews up for Rage 2 yesterday and plenty of streamers with early access codes to get a good idea if it’s worth a purchase. What I’ve read and seen is disappointing.

The general consensus so far seems to be the combat is great, but the world is unmemorable, dull and a bit lifeless with a short, not very interesting main story. It’s disappointing because the trailers were really well made and presented a brilliantly anarchic, humorous world that would be jam-packed with fun things to do. There’s also the slight whiff of a games for service model with the extra post release content for the non-paid for DLC. Being a single-player game I expect DLC to be additional areas, maybe, and not actual content or events that will populate the main game area. Feels like there’s a bit of a blurred line there.

Aside from the two paid-for DLC packs the other content is ‘free’ but holding it to keep people from selling the game seems to have negatively impacted the launch product, as a gripe for many is there’s not enough going on in the open world, giving the impression the DLC is cut rather than additional content.

Anyway, it’s a good advert for me for not pre-ordering as the game that’s been delivered is good but maybe not quite the game you might of been hoping for or expecting. The Rage 2 road map has all the content out by the autumn, might pick it up then. Looking forward to your thoughts on the game.
Simundo Jones


Inbox also-rans

I didn’t know Terminal Reality had gone bust, that’s pretty sad to hear. I remember them from the early days of PC graphics cards, when they were up there with id Software and 3D Realms. Maybe they shouldn’t have made that Ghostbusters game after all?

Seems so long ago now I was playing Oddworld on the PS1, and they still haven’t even finished the story. I hope they get a chance though as the last remake was really good and Soulstorm looks great too.


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