Games Inbox: What was better – Mega Drive or SNES?

The morning Inbox asks whether there might be news of a new Far Cry at E3, as readers have mixed opinions on the Mega Drive Mini.

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The oldest rivalry

OK, with the reveal of all the Mega Drive Mini games, and it seems to be at least as good as the Classic Mini Nintendo consoles it is time to reopen the most burning question there has ever been in video games: what’s better, the Mega Drive or the SNES?

All these years later and this was still the best format wars ever, with two evenly matched consoles that had clear advantages in some areas and disadvantages in others. The SNES was more powerful and had Nintendo games, whereas the Mega Drive had more violent games and was all-round cooler.

Objectively speaking I think the SNES just about clinches it but I know my nostalgia for the Mega Drive is much stronger. Nobody preferred the SNES back in school because it stood for baby-ish graphics and no blood in Mortal Kombat. Looking back at it now those arguments are childish (which is fine, I was a child) but some part of it still holds true for me and I can’t help feeling more connected to the Mega Drive and everything it stood for.

I will be pre-ordering the Mega Drive Mini


Triforce of Legends

I see the question of what is the best The Legend Of Zelda game was trending on Twitter today. I’m not sure why but the top results seemed to be Breath Of The Wild and Ocarina Of Time. Add in A Link To The Past and I think they would definitely be top three, although I’d be less sure of what order they should be in.

It’s a good triumvirate though because it gives you one game from the beginning of the series, one from the middle, and one that’s brand new. To me that underlines the ongoing quality of the games and also the fact that they are constantly evolving and trying new things.

We had a comment recently that Sonic The Hedgehog was the worst managed franchise in gaming but I think Zelda must be up there in terms of the best. Although most of its closest rivals are also Nintendo games. They may not make many games, and they certainly take their time, but you usually find out it’s worth it.


No surprises

Poor old Ubisoft really do have the worst luck with leaks. I’m not sure I can remember the last time they announced something and it was actually a surprise. I wonder if it’s their obsession with pre-orders that means they have to warn shops in advance, as they always seem extra keen on that aspect of the reveal – more so than most publishers.

Not that it really matters though and I’d have to say I’m already relatively interested in Watch Dogs Legion and a new Splinter Cell. I appreciate that they’re trying something new with Roller Champions, but it already doesn’t look like my type of thing. I don’t mind multiplayer but not when it’s the only thing.

After the bland first game I feel Watch Dogs 2 got unfairly overlooked, and although I’m slightly surprised there’s going to be a third one I really like the idea of playing as absolutely anyone in a city. The potential for playing as different kinds of people is great and I really hope they include all ages and sizes of people.

Not sure how they’re going to make Splinter Cell work in a modern style but I’m curious to see them try and support anything that tries to keep stealth gameplay going. Looking forward to next week!
PS: Do you think there might be a new Far Cry announced as well? I know they’re all the same but I really like those games.

GC: Far Cry’s future seems uncertain given the huge success of 5 but disappointment of New Dawn. It’s not impossible to imagine something might be teased next week though.


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Winning game

Never mind which company will ‘win’ E3 I’m more interested in which game will be the biggest one. I think the lead contenders have got to be Cyberpunk 2077, Marvel’s Avengers, Borderlands 3, and maybe an Xbox reveal like Fable IV.

Avengers is obvious a bit of an unknown but if it turns out well I think it’s got to be Cyberpunk 2077 that people are most looking forwards to. The gameplay video they already insane and now they’re saying that the game is much better than that already?

After The Witcher 3 I would’ve probably bought the game blind, just knowing it was by the same people, but everything I’ve seen so far makes it look like game of the generation material. Well, depending on what generation it actually comes out on I suppose.


No show

So Rocksteady has said they aren’t attending E3 this year. That’s what the third or fourth year they’ve not been there? Whatever they’re working on must be massive. It’s got to be a multiplayer game to wait all this time, in my opinion, and now it seems they’re waiting for the next generation as well.

I imagine they’re also curious to see what Square Enix’s Avengers game is as well, as it sounds like the two games could be quite similar.

I’m excited to see what they’re up to but I’m also sad that we may not see another single-player game from them again, as the Batman: Arkham games are still my favourite open world games.


Mega Drive Maxi

That Mega Drive Mini line-up is really impressive. I think that’s the most effort I’ve seen Sega put into anything to do with their old games since the actual Mega Drive era (well, not counting Sonic Mania). There are some odd inclusions, like Light Crusader and Alisia Dragoon but overall I’d say it was spot on and I will definitely be getting it.

I’d just like to know where Sega go from here. If the Mini is a success and proves people are still interested in their old franchises than what next? Just a Mini 2 or will they try and actually get some of these old series going again? Streets Of Rage 4 is hopefully an example of what they could do with many more games in the future, although I’m a bit worried the weird art style could hamper it’s chances.

But what I’d rather see is actual big budget sequels to games like Phantasy Star, Space Harrier, Shinobi, Landstalker, Story Of Thor, and many of the others. It can be done, so many of these games have famous names and good potential, but it needs for Sega to take a radical rethink on how they run their business. I can’t see it happening to be honest, but at least the Mega Drive Mini will be a chance to remember their golden age all from one console.


Doubling up

I was going to get the Mega Drive Mini. But I just got a Mega Drive 1 with two joypads and 16 games. But the best game that came with it is Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, all for £9 in a boot fair.

Now If that game was on the Mega Drive Mini I would have pre-ordered it without hesitation. But it isn’t so I didn’t.

GC: You’re not getting the Mini because it doesn’t have a game you already have easy access to?


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No opossum, no sale

You know, I had a bad feeling that Sparkster wouldn’t get a look in for the Mega Drive Mini – and I have so far been proven right, sadly.

So, unless he gets added in some sort of update that is no sale from me. We’re getting Probotector and Catslevania from Konami – why not that too? The best of Konami’s output on the system in my view and one of the defining Mega Drive experiences.

And not both Earthworm Jim games? Very odd. Though he did change hands between the sequels, didn’t he? Same would go for Mortal Kombat – my preference being for 2 and 3. They’re lost in licensing hell, aren’t they? Or should I say, the licensing NetherRealm? Huh? I’m here all week, people.

Plus, we have some genuine turkeys in the roster. Light Crusader and Virtua Fighter 2 all reviewed badly even at the time – and I personally thought Eternal Champions played awful. Virtua Fighter 2 wasn’t 3D on the Mega Drive and Light Crusader is one of if not the only black spot in Treasure’s dazzling softography. Nice that they wanted to try something new, I guess.

No Sonic & Knuckles or Sonic 3 either. Very peculiar…

GC: We’re sure there’d be more complaints if the console was filled with multiple sequels in the same series, especially one as widely available as Sonic The Hedgehog.


Inbox also-rans

Thanks to Anon for the advice regarding VR, I think I will give it a go at some point. After all, I can always sell it if it doesn’t agree with me.

GC, would you say there’s any chance of Cyberpunk 2077 coming out this year after all? I’ve seen some people convinced it will, but I’m not sure it’s not wishful thinking.

GC: There’s a chance, yes. But the odds seem against it.


This week’s Hot Topic

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What are your predictions for the major announcements in terms of games, hardware, and things like new streaming services? What do you expect to hear from the likes of Microsoft and Nintendo and what games reveals are you most anticipating?

What are you resigned to not hearing about and what do you think will end up being the biggest news from the show this year? What unannounced games do you think might be revealed and what previously unseen ones do you think will make the biggest splash?

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