Gaming Headset Saves Player From Stray Bullet

The gamer going by Enough_Dance_956 on Reddit was wearing a Razer Kraken headset in their Torrance, California home when a stray bullet blasted through a nearby window, bounced off a wall, and struck them in the head. Enough_Dance_956 would likely have been killed or at least seriously injured if not for the headset which deflected the bullet. The gamer walked away with little more than a bad headache.

"Hello to everyone who sees this," Enough_Dance_956 said in a post on Reddit. "I'm trying to get a hold of someone at Razer to thank them with all my heart. Wednesday morning at 10:30 AM, a stray bullet went through my window and hit the Razer headphones on top of my head. If it wasn't for the headphones made with good quality, I would've been a dead kid at the age of 18. I couldn't even imagine all the pain my family and friends would've been through." Enough_Dance_956 noted that “I'm very lucky to be alive. If I moved an inch forward or back, I would've been dead.”

Since the events occurred just before April Fool’s Day, many readers began to wonder if the gamer was being serious, prompting Enough_Dance_956 to create a second post on Reddit with photographic evidence.

"Whoa — that's crazy,” Chief Executive Officer at Razer Min Liang-Tan commented on the first post. “Glad you're OK!" The company has apparently sent Enough_Dance_956 another headset to replace the one damaged in the incident. "We did it! Razer contacted me! Much love, guys. Stay safe and respect your parents and tell them you love them every day," Enough_Dance_956 said. "You don’t know when it’s time to go.”

Enough_Dance_956 claims to have turned over the stray bullet to members of the local police who are currently in the process of investigating the matter. The police in Torrance have not yet issued a statement as of this writing.

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