Gears 5's Horde Mode Adds Character Ultimates & More

The Coalition announced details for Gears 5’s Horde mode, which includes Ultimate abilities for characters, new ways to strategize characters’ builds, and more ways to maximize the game’s 5-player co-op experience.

As they sound, Ultimates give players super-powered abilities like JD being able to call in an airstrike or Kait turning invisible.

Another aspect of the mode to coordinate is the ability to control bot Jack, who can fly around the level, as well as explore different builds through the various cards characters can equip. The cards’ power increases as players progress, and they are reset each game. The developer wants gamers to explore different combos of perks and builds and how they can go together for each ensemble of characters. The Coalition also says that new characters will be added over time.

As much as the mode is about standing and defending against the onslaught, the developer also wants players to move around. As such, power taps have been placed around the map for players to capture, with a new tap every 10 waves. In a quality-of-life improvement, power will be equally distributed amongst everyone.

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