Genshin Impact: A Guide to Noelle’s Hangout Event

Noelle has never appeared in the game’s story or quests before in Genshin Impact, so it’s fitting she got a hangout event first. To activate her event, simply use two story keys in the quest menu. Once you do, you can find Noelle hanging out right outside of Mondstadt. Recognizing that the Traveler is the honorary knight, she will call you over and begin talking about her dream of becoming a knight.

She is seeking your assistance with training. There are several branching paths for Noelle that will all begin from the advice you give her about training at the very start. Here’s how to unlock each different ending.

A Maid Above Ground

When you first meet Noelle, tell her that you will help her with her training. When she asks what you think needs improvement, choose strength. You will then need to go to the training ground behind the Knight’s headquarters, where you need to use Noelle’s spin attack to quickly take out all the training dummies.

Now that the dummies are destroyed, once again tell her she needs strength. You will travel to an area in Mondstadt with ore, proceed to mine it with Noelle to get the A Maid Above Ground ending.

A Defender’s Will is Their Strength

A Defender’s Will is Their Strength starts in much the same way as A Maid Above Ground. Tell Noele that you will help her train and then say she needs to work on strength. From here, you will be sent to destroy the training dummies as Noelle behind the Knights headquarters.

To get this path, tell Noelle that she needs real-world fighting experience. This will send her on a series of small monster-slaying quests. You are expected to fail these quests to show Noelle’s weaknesses.

A Conundrum Called Love

When you meet Noelle, tell her you will help her train. When she says what area she needs practice in, tell her she needs to rest. This will lead you to go to Good Hunter, where an NPC named Bea will run up to Noelle, asking her for help getting her crush’s attention.

Noelle will ask for your opinion. Tell her that the gift doesn’t matter; it’s the thought that counts. This will prompt the ending A Conundrum Called Love.

Whisper of the Paper Rose

Whisper of the Paper Rose also requires the player to tell Noelle that she needs to rest. This time when Bea comes to Noelle, say that the gift should be chosen carefully. This will lead you to pick up a gift from the souvenir shop. Afterward, you will need to go to three locations around Mondstadt and take pictures.

A Cold Reception

Instead of telling Noelle you will help her with training, tell her it’s ok not to be a knight. This will prompt you to go on a walk where you hear a screen from a sketchy young man. After saving him, go to Mondstadt, where Noelle will show him around.

Tell him that everything is made “especially for you.” This will scare him away and get the A Cold Reception ending.

Goodbye, Miss Maid

This ending Goodbye, Miss Maid is the same as a Cold Reception’s route, but instead of choosing “especially for you,” tell him that it’s Noelle’s way of showing hospitality.

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