Genshin Impact Developer’s Next Game Launches April 26

Genshin Impact remains one of the biggest games in the world and has transformed the fortunes of HoYoverse (formely miHoYo). The Shanghai-based studio was once a smaller concern but with the popularity of its hit mobile and console action role-playing game it has expanded and built offices around the world, while developing what it hopes to be the next big thing.

This next big thing may well be Zenless Zone Zero, the developer's forthcoming open-world science fiction-tinged title, but before that there is also Honkai: Star Rail. Honkai: Star Rail does resemble Genshin Impact insofar the character design, but the gameplay is rather different. Our editor-in-chief Stacey Henley got a go at the game during Gamescom last September and found the experience more intriguing and less brash than Genshin, as the slower style suited players who wanted to know more about the characters.

HoYoverse's Honkai: Star Rail, "a HoYoverse Space Fantasy RPG", is expected April 26, on iOS at least. The game on the iOS App Store clearly shows this date. Pre-registration is open for the game while you can also pre-download the title from your iOS device should you so wish.

Honkai: Star Rail is the fourth entry in the Honkai series, and uses brand new characters along with alternate versions of existing characters pulled from Honkai Impact 3rd. The Star Rail in question is an interstellar train, while the Honkai refers to the antagonist force in the series, which looks to crush civilisations, with the word coming from the Japanese for decay or destruction. Players control a team of up to four characters in the game while you can expect open-world elements and dungeons. It is a more traditional RPG too with turn-based strategic combat.

The biggest hype for HoYoverse may be reserved for the upcoming Zenless Zone Zero. This is a completely new game and is an urban fantasy action RPG. This title is an open world title, like Genshin Impact, but taking place in far more urban surrounds. However, there are supernatural elements and players can expect some stylish visuals and animation from Zenless Zone Zero. But those wanting some Honkai action should mark April 26 for Honkai: Star Rail.

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