Genshin Impact: Pro Tips For Playing As Keqing

Genshin Impact features quite a few five-star characters, but few come close to the popularity of Keqing. Keqing is an electro sword user who can quickly wipe the field of enemies, even when she’s at a lower level. Keqing has several abilities that make her essential as both a DPS and for exploring the mountains of Liyue. Now that she is getting her very own special event banner, more players than ever are hoping to bring Keqing home.

Before players start spending all their wishes, though, they should ensure that they have a good grasp on how Keqings abilities fit into the game.

Setting Up For Battle

Keqing is a character with fast attacks meant for quickly taking down foes. The more enemies she can get into a cluster, the better. Her whole character is geared towards DPS, as can be seen from her constellations.

  • C1 – This ability allows Keqing to deal 50% electro AoE damage at the start and end when recasting Stellar Restoration without using her first stiletto.
  • C2 – Every time Keqing hits an opponent that is weak to electro damage, she has a 50% chance of receiving an elemental particle; this can happen once every five seconds.
  • C3 – Starward Sword can be leveled up to level 15.
  • C4 – After causing an elemental reaction, Keqing will receive a 25% attack increase for ten seconds.
  • C5 – Stellar Restoration can be leveled up to level 15.
  • C6 – Attacking will give Keqing a 6% damage bonus for six seconds.

As most players can see, Keqing is built around dealing heavy amounts of damage. Even her passive abilities work to buff her further by giving her electro infusion and a 15% crit rate increase. Giving Keqing a powerful artifact set and sword only helps to make her even more powerful.

Keqing’s normal attack lets out five quick slashes that can easily knock back enemies. Her elemental skill, Stellar Restoration, see’s her throwing a stiletto a short distance. The player can choose the exact location the stiletto is thrown. Once the player is ready, to teleport they simply hit the skill button again to teleport to the selected location, dealing damage to any nearby enemies. This move can be used to help hit enemies’ weak spots, knockdown flying enemies, or even get behind enemies that have shields.

The move can also help Keqing quickly dodge attacks from bosses, making her great to play both offensively and defensively. Even more, interestingly, the player can even charge Keqings attack and then teleport using the move to deal even more damage to nearby enemies.

Gather Your Enemies

One of the best things to do when playing as Keqing is to try and gather enemies to one spot on the field. This can help her deal more damage when using both her elemental skill and burst. Keqing’s burst Starward Sword is an AoE attack that has Keqing teleport to different points in a small radius while hitting opponents within her reach with a powerful electro attack.

The final attack of her burst is also an electro AoE that will deal damage to any enemies that dare stay close to her. One of the best ways to set up this attack is by using another character’s ability to draw enemies together, such as Sucrose’s burst or Ganyu’s lotus. Once enemies are bundled together, combine Keqing with a pyro, cryo, or hydro attack to wipe the field of your enemies.

Choosing a Team

Keqing is not a support character and won’t be able to help other characters like Diluc with reactions in battle. Instead, players need to focus on building a team around Keqing to help her gather enemies and deal reaction damage.

  • Qiqi – Qiqi summons a floating orb that circles Keqing dealing cryo damage while healing her at the same time.
  • Traveler Anemo- Both the Traveler’s elemental skill reacts with electro to deal 23% more damage while their burst works with electro to deal 30.7% more damage.
  • Sucrose – Sucrose’s elemental skill and elemental burst both pull enemies in, setting them up for Keqings burst and skill.
  • Amber – Amber’s Baron Bunny attracts enemies to its position.
  • Ganyu – Ganyu can use her elemental skill to summon a lotus that draws enemies in and has a burst that sets up a large AoE field where icicles fall, dealing cryo damage to enemies.
  • Kaeya – Kaeya’s burst summons swords that will circle Keqing dealing cryo damage to nearby enemies.
  • Xiangling – Xiangling’s burst will surround Keqing with circling polearms that deal pyro damage.
  • Xingqiu – Xingqiu can summon water swords that will attack enemies alongside Keqing and deal hydro damage.
  • Venti – Venti’s burst summons a wind storm that will pull in enemies for Keqing.

Keqing will greatly benefit from having an anemo character on her team to draw in enemies, and the Traveler is a character that every single player is given at the beginning of the game.

As for exploration, Keqing’s ability to teleport can help players reach geoculus that are normally out of reach.

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