Genshin Impact: Where to Find All Books For The Mortal Travails Series I

Many players may find themselves frustrated, especially if they are trying to find a new name card. Unlocking name cards in Genshin Impact requires a ton of work and research. Players either need to max out friendship with their characters or complete achievement lists to change the image that others see next to their name.

For players who don’t want to spend all of their time chasing down every chest in Mondstadt and Liyue, though, this can be tough to accomplish. Thankfully, the Mortal Travails Series I is an easy to complete achievement list for most players and can usually be completed within an hour, given that they have already been traveling around Liyue a bit.

The Wind And The Star Traveler

While these achievements are mostly about books, the very first one that players can do is incredibly simple. All that needs to be done is to blow a dandelion using the Anemo Traveler. This can be performed with any dandelion in the region, including the ones right outside of Mondstadts main gate.

Players don’t even need to collect the dandelion seeds in order for the achievement to count as unlocked. It’s also worth noting that any Anemo character can earn the player this achievement.

Of Mountains High

Next up is the final non-book related achievement, Of Mountains High, that requires players to be able to visit Liyue and get to a statue of the seven. Once there, they simply need to swap to their Traveler and choose to resonate with the power of geo in order to unlock the geo version of the Traveler.

This achievement will activate the very first time this happens, and many players will already have collected it. Players should note that the Traveler must be selected and interact with the statue themselves to gain the power of geo.

The Voice Of Flowing Water

This is where the achievement starts to get complicated; players must collect four complete book series, The Voice of Flowing Water, which is made up of multiple hidden volumes. The Voice of Flowing Water has four parts that are all located at various locations sprinkled around Mondstadt.

The first volume of the series can be found in Springvale on one of the outside tables. The second volume is located on an outside table near the Cat’s Tail bar. The third can be found by entering Jean’s Room at the knight’s headquarters and looking in the short bookcase. The fourth and final volume is located at the Dawn Winery on top of a table inside of Diluc’s mansion.

The Drunkard And the Wolf

The Drunkard and the Wolf is the easiest set of books to find and also has four volumes. To find this book series, first head to the Mondstadt library, where the first and third volumes can easily be located around the room. It’s best to go ahead and grab every book that is available in the library.

Next, players will need to head back to Dawn Winery to find the second and third volumes, which are located inside Diluc’s mansion. For players who haven’t yet been, the mansion is the biggest building in the Dawn Winery, and the entrance can be found nearest to the grapevines.

Spring, White Horse And Moonlight

Once again, this is a series with four volumes, but this time players will need to travel around Liyue to collect them. The first volume of Spring, White Horse and Moonlight is located in Qingce Village on the table inside the largest house. The second and third volumes will require players to travel back to the city and visit the bookstore on the upper level of the city, located near the jewelry store. For those who have done the Xingqiu quest, the shop should be easy to find as this is where you first meet the character.

Once there, the second and third volumes can be purchased for 3,000 mora each. The fourth volume of the series can be found near the reception desk at the Wangshu Inn below Stone Gate.

The Divine Halberd Mocks The Heavens

The Divine Halberd series is generally the one that gives players the most trouble. The series has five parts, all located in three different locations. The easiest ones to get are parts one, four, and five. These can also be found at the Liyue bookstore and bought for 3,000 mora a piece. It’s a good idea to go ahead and purchase all the books in the store in preparation for the second Mortal Travail series.

For volume two’s location, though, players will need to go back to Stone Gate. On one of the tables in the rest area, they will be able to find volume two. The third volume is the one that generally eludes most people. This book can only be gotten from Tea Master Liu Su who is located in the city. He can be found in the upper area of town almost across from the Fatui Bank. In order to get the book, players will need to continually talk to the NPC until they have heard every single tale.

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