Geralt’s Famous Bathtub Scene From The Witcher 3 Has Been Demade For The PlayStation 1

Half-Life 2 is getting ported backward into GoldSrc, Bloodborne is being demade for the original PlayStation and now, Anders Lundbjörk has recreated the opening – albeit with some creative licensing – of The Witcher 3 in a PlayStation 1 aesthetic. The quest? The Last Simp.

The video opens with the original PlayStation intro – title card and all – before cutting to a log-burning fire. Then, it snaps over to Geralt of Rivia in the bathtub as seen in The Witcher 3 and in the Netflix series with Superman actor Henry Cavill himself. However, it doesn’t look quite as good as it did in CD Projekt Red’s game.

His flesh isn’t all that’s on display: all of his pixels are visible to boot. It’s not just Geralt that’s on show, however, as Yennifer too has a demake model, and we even get a glimpse of PS1 Gwent at the moment in which Geralt whips out a Triss card and calls her his waifu, sending Yennifer into a frenzy..? It’s a very YouTube Poop era video, albeit made today.

If that’s not your thing, at least it’s an interesting insight into what a Geralt model would have looked like on the original PlayStation. The first Witcher book – The Last Wish (which the name of the quest may be a reference to) – did release in 1993, only a year before the first PlayStation. We were this close to an actual PS1 Witcher game.

Anders Lundbjörk has done plenty of videos in this style, from a breakdown into how he actually does transform the games into that era’s aesthetic to other demakes, that of Cyberpunk and Oblivion, both of which were done in the vein of PS1 games. It seems to be fast becoming his niche, so perhaps he’ll venture into even more games going forward.

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