Get A Year Of PS Plus For Half Off, Just In Time For PS5

The PlayStation 5 is mere weeks away, and that means it’s time to get all your equipment ready. Extra DualSense controllers are already available if you’re looking to play two-player games. You also might want to look into more storage for all the huge games coming out next gen. The last item you may want to add to your cart is a year of PS Plus.

Those looking to stock up on PS Plus in advance of PS5’s release can now find it at a deep discount at The deal gives a year membership, typically priced at $59.99, for $29.29. That’s actually 53%, but half off makes for a catchier headline.

As the future of games goes digital, services like PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are only going to become more crucial. The monthly “free” games are a nice deal, and are more often including new hit titles. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was free for PS Plus subscribers, which only added to its popularity. Oddly enchanting PS5 launch title Bugsnax was also recently announced as a PS Plus title for November.

It’s always hard to find sales on new tech products. PS5 and Xbox Series X are coming out at full price and with $70 games. Getting Bugsnax and a year’s worth of games, plus the required subscription to play online, for $29.29 sounds like a great deal.

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