GI Show – Minecraft Earth, Goodbye 3DS, Marvel Interview

Game Informer’s Ben Hanson, Suriel Vazquez, Jeff Cork, and Kyle Hilliard talk about Cork’s trip to Mojang to learn about and play Minecraft Earth and Minecraft Dungeons. Then Joe Juba and Javy Gwaltney join the show to talk about Outer Wilds and Observation before diving deep into the history of the Nintendo 3DS by talking about our favorite games like Super Mario 3D Land and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. In the back half of the show, we’re joined by the vice president and creative director of Marvel Games Bill Rosemann to talk about Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order on the Nintendo Switch. After the credits on this episode, we cut together highlights from the podcast’s long history of talking about the Nintendo 3DS.

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To jump to a particular point in the discussion, check out the time stamps below.

2:35 – Minecraft/Mojang studio impressions
5:55 – Minecraft Earth hands-on impressions
12:15 – Minecraft Dungeons impressions
23:00 – Outer Wilds
26:00 – Observation
32:30 – Oddest tidbits from the life of the Nintendo 3DS
1:02:30 – Our top 3 most underappreciated games on the 3DS
1:14:50 – Our 3 favorites games on the Nintendo 3DS
1:39:55 – Marvel Games’ vice president & creative director Bill Rosemann interview
2:04:04 – History of Nintendo 3DS discussions on The GI Show

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