Gimmighoul Revealed, Pokemon Go And Scarlet & Violet Event Announced

Another new Pokemon has been revealed for Scarlet & Violet, as we get our first look at the strange Ghost-type, Gimmighoul. A weird little guy that lives in a chest full of gold, Gimmighoul has two different forms, and it seems that its Roaming form could be a different type altogether.

Gimmighoul's two forms, Chest and Roaming, show off its love of collecting gold, which it carries around even when it's not in its box. We don't see much of its abilities in the short reveal trailer, so it remains to be seen how its stash will be incorporated into its moveset. We know that the Chest form will be a Ghost-type, but the Roaming form's type is marked as "???", so it will likely be different.

While this is Gimmighoul's official reveal, fans had actually already known about the little guy's existence. It appeared in Pokemon Go this week, with many assuming it was a Bug-type. Before this, it was also just barely visible in some Scarlet & Violet gameplay footage. But there was a reason behind its initial leak at least – Gimmighoul is actually going to be the focus of a Pokemon Go and Scarlet & Violet promotional event.

Starting in 2023, Pokemon Go players should start spotting Gimmighoul's coins in-game. It is said that it drops them whenever someone tries to catch it in its Roaming form. In the trailer, it's mentioned that no one in Paldea has caught it in its Roaming form, so it may not be as easy as it seems.

Its Chest form, on the other hand, is pretty bloody creepy. In the reveal for the Pokemon Go event, there's a short story told about how a young girl was manipulated into helping Gimmighoul collect gold. It's said that it can't move in its Chest form, so this is the only way it can amass the coins it loves so much. Who knows how this will materialize in the actual game when it launches in a couple of weeks, but it's likely that it will be on the unsettling side.

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