God Of War Ragnarok Collector’s Editions Are Shipping Without The Game

God of War Rganarok fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of their fancy collector's editions have been receiving a bit of a shock over the past two days, as many are reporting boxes full of goodies with the actual game nowhere to be seen.

First shared by Forbes, several fans have been posting on social media about their collector's editions missing either the code for the game, or missing the steelbook with the game inside entirely. Along with a whole host of physical goodies and a hammer you could easily brain someone with, customers were supposed to receive a steelbook of the game along with a digital code inside. In some cases, fans were accidentally give two digital add-on codes instead of the actual game.

Those who have reached out to PlayStation to get the game they actually paid for have stated that customer support has been less than helpful. The problem is actually so widespread that someone has set up a dedicated Twitter account to share fan frustrations about their missing games. It's likely that PlayStation will eventually get around to compensating fans who have been affected by this, although you'd assume you wouldn't have to wait given the edition's large price tag.

This isn't the first time in recent memory that PlayStation has managed to botch a special edition of a game either, as a lot of people who purchased the Firefly Edition of The Last of Us Part 1 ended up receiving battered, ruined, and even water damaged copies due to completely inadequate packaging. Along with the God of War fiasco, it might be wise to potentially hold off on ordering collector's editions of PlayStation titles until the company gets its act together.

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