God Of War Ragnarok: Draupnir Spear Runic Attack Location Guide

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The Draupnir Spear is a brand new weapon in the God of War series that Kratos obtains in God of War Ragnarok. Forged using the Draupnir ring, the sound of the wind, Kratos's blood, and an arrowhead forged by Brok, the Draupnir spear has the unique ability to infinitely replicate itself, making it just as impressive as the other weapons in Kratos's arsenal.

Whilst this weapon is only unlocked towards the later part of the story, there are still plenty of extra skills and runic attacks that can be unlocked for it. Like the Leviathan Axe, the Draupnir Spear is effective at close and long-range. What makes the weapon even more effective are the light and heavy runic attacks which can be found around the realms.

Light Runic Attacks

Here are the four light attacks for the Draupnir spear.

Huldra Charge

Huldra Charge is obtained after completing the Forging Destiny mission.

This light runic attack has Kratos lunging toward an enemy siphoning their elements. Upgrading Huldra Charge will create a wind barrier to protect Kratos as he is charging and adds more strikes to the attack.

The ability to take the element of the enemy is very powerful and makes this runic attack especially effective to use, including for boss fights like the Berserker King Hrolf Kraki.

Mountain Splitter

This light runic attack is obtained from Durlin in Svartalfheim after completing the favour Spirit Of Rebellion.

Mountain Splitter shoots out long-ranged wind slices that stagger enemies, doing great damage. Upgrading this runic attack will increase the number of slices and will heavily increase the damage and Runic.

Thrust Of A Thousand Soldiers

This runic attack can be found during The Reunion mission, in Helheim. After beating a selection of Hel-Walkers, there will be an opportunity to throw the Draupnir Spear at a wind vent, which will then allow you to reach the Legendary chest on the other side containing the light runic attack.

If you did not manage to get the runic attack during the mission, it will be available to you in the blacksmith shop.

Thrust Of a Thousand Soldiers is an attack that performs a flurry of stabs with the spear, impaling copies of it into the enemy with every strike, which can then later be activated to explode to do additional damage and inflict Stun. Upgrading this runic attack will allow you to perform even more stabs at the enemy, doing considerable damage.

Whisper Of The World

Whisper Of The World requires you to go a little off the beaten path to obtain. It is found in a Legendary chest in Vanaheim in The Jungle.

  • From the Mystic Gateway, climb up the building ruins directly to the east of you.
  • Head towards the right where you can use your Blades of Chaos to grapple between the stone and the walls.
  • Climb to the platform above and use the sigil arrows to destroy the red flowers.
  • The Legendary chest can be found by swinging over to where the flowers had previously been blocked.

This Light runic attack uses its wind ability to drag enemies towards the spear before heaving them away. Upgrading Whisper of The World will increase the duration of the wind pulling in enemies as well as improve the damage done to them.

Heavy Runic Attacks

These four heavy runic attacks will do the most damage out of all of your Draupnir Spear attacks and so are important to have.

Artillery Of The Ancients

Artillery Of The Ancients is obtained during the main mission, Creatures Of Prophecy. You will get the heavy runic attack when you defeat two Drekis close to Freyr's Camp.

This heavy runic attack has Kratos throwing the spear into the sky, raining down a storm of spears onto the enemies. Upgrading this attack will increase the number of spears that fall down as well as the damage and area of effect.

The Finger Of Ruin

The Finger of Ruin is unlocked after you have collected 48 of Odin's ravens. You can get the attack in Niflheim in the Legendary chest that is unlocked once you have collected the 48 spectral ravens.

The runic attack creates a massive tornado which you send out to the enemies dealing high damage. Upgrading this attack will increase its duration and its area of effect.

Finger Of Ruin is especially effective when dealing with a large crowd of enemies.

Honor The Fallen

Honor The Fallen can be found in Vaneheim in The Crater. To get to the Legendary chest, head to the west of The Plains where you will find a wall of boulders blocking your path close to the Mystic Gate, with three air vents on them. Just throw your Draupnir Spear at all three of the air vents and detonate them to destroy the boulder.

This heavy runic attack creates a powerful wind gust that staggers enemies whilst Kratos leaps through the air. Upgrading Honor the Fallen will increase the Stun and damage of the attack, and make a more devastating slam when Kratos lands on the ground.

Vindsvalr's Windstorm

Vindsvalr's Windstorm will be obtained in Muspelheim during the mission "The Summoning". You will get the heavy runic attack after defeating the Flame Phantom.

This attack creates an array of cyclones around the area dealing good damage and Stun to all enemies it hits. Upgrading this heavy runic attack will increase the number of cyclones and the duration that they last.

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