God Of War Ragnarok, The Word Of Fate Walkthrough

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Having now spent a considerable amount of time gallivanting around Asgard as Atreus, it is now time to check in on God of War Ragnarok's other protagonist. And Kratos isn't his usual sunny self. He is clearly perturbed by recent events. But he has a plan. It is time to talk to the fates!

This mission will ping-pong you around The Lake of Nine, as you hunt around a number of different locations for the mysterious and cagey Norns. Thankfully, this will give you a number of opportunities to gather treasures and hunt ravens!

Returning To Midgar

You will begin by meeting Freya outside your house back in Midgard. Go to your wolves. You are going to saddle up and set out for The Lake of Nine. After a brief bit of mushing, you will arrive at The Lake of Nine. A big part of this questline is going to be following the senses of your wolves. They will indicate where you need to go by pointing their nose in that direction. Or, you know, you could just follow this guide.

The King’s Grave

Follow the lead of your wolves, this will take you to the north-east corner of the map. You’ll know you’re in the right place when Mimir tells you that "The wolves seemed to have led us here."Now you will hop over a short ledge, and trek up a snowy trail. Eventually, there will be a drop-off point. Jump down into the clearing below; here you’ll fight a number of Raider Scouts, Hel-Raiders, and a Troll.


Circle the arena keeping your distance from the Ogre and take out the Raiders with your axe throw. Once you kill a Raider, they will resurrect as a Hel-Raider. When they do, their health bar will be blue you will have to use your Blades of Chaos to deal fire damage in order to clear this first health bar.

Be warned, the Hel-Raiders have a lunging attack that is shockingly fast. This wasn't a big deal when you were just facing one or two earlier in the game, but when facing an arena filled with Hel-Raiders, you may find that it can be a handful. You can parry it, but it can be a touch tricky. You will want to parry about half a second before you think you should, as the parry timing is deceptive.

You don’t want to flood the arena with Hel-Raiders; they are too quick and too dangerous, so we suggest taking down one Raider at a time. Try to stay mobile as best you can; otherwise you will get ambushed. Obviously, move away from the Ogre at all times.

The Raider Scouts are generally not an issue, neither is their sling projectile. However, this projectile will travel straight through the Ogre. Which is extremely unfair, as if the Ogre is close to you, they will take up a large portion of the screen, making it impossible to see the sling attack coming. Just try to always be moving, and you should be able to minimize how often this happens.

Once you clear out all the Raider Scouts, as well as the Hel-Raiders that accompany them, just go one-on-one with the Ogre. While it hits hard, all the Ogre's attacks are easy to see coming. You can parry most of them, or you can just keep your distance and nail them with axe throws to the head. Either way, they will fall quickly enough. Once you have cleared out the arena, collect the sword hilt from the center of the arena. Then follow the path until you reach a red chest. You will now uncover a hidden area where there will be… nothing. It is a dead end. Kick down the barrier guarding the nearby ledge, and hop down. You will be back at your wolves.

The Derelict Outpost

Your next stop will be on the other side of the map; tucked away in the south-west corner of the map. Once you arrive, there will be a chest waiting for you. There is also a raven on your left. Take it out. You will find another illusory wall, but like the first, there will be nothing behind it. You will now be attacked by a Frost Gradungr.

You will need to use your Blades of Chaos against the first form of the Gradungr. Once you have taken the Gradungr's first health bar, a number of Raiders will start to join the fray. Keep your focus on the Gradungr and just try to position yourself so that none of the Raiders are behind you. Most of the Gradungr's attacks can be blocked; so, when in doubt, throw up your shield. You will, however, have to parry the lunges its does (these always come in twos).

If you just keep whaling on the Gradungr with your Blades of Chaos, you will inadvertently take out a number of the Raiders as well. Inevitably, the Gradungr will fall, and it will be time to move on.

Well Of Urd

Now, we will be off to the Well of Urd. This location is found on the north-west corner of the map. Once you arrive here, you will be at your final location.

There will be a Nornir Chest wedged into the back corner. You need to light the brazier in order to activate the runes. The first one is nearby. Now, if you climb up, you will find the second is on a ledge just below the top platform. Finally, up top, if you are facing away from the entrance into the next area, the last Nornir rune will be on your right.

Once you have lit them all, hop down from the top ledge, and you will find a chest. Hop down one more time, and you can grab the Horn of Blood Mead from the Nornir Chest. Now, climb back up, and chop away at the wall. You will enter into an area where you will fight a few Raiders. As the Raiders jump down from the ledge above, you can hit them with your heavy axe throw, which will drive them into the wall behind them and instantly kill them.

Once you climb up, you will fight another group of Raiders. This time there will be a Raider Chief among them. These guys are extremely hard-hitting, but very slow and predictable. Keep your distance from them and pick away at them with rangy attacks. Once you clear them out, make sure to throw your axe at the raven perched in the distance. There is also a Red Chest alongside the wall. Scale the nearby wall, and you will enter into a cave. Follow the left wall in the cave, and it will take you to a chest. Now, burn some brambles, climb a wall, and hop up to the bridge above.

You will be confronted by a giant sword-wielding Traveller. If this guy hits you twice you may just die. However, the Traveller is so slow that he makes the Raider Chief seem blazingly fast in comparison. Just parry his slow attacks, dodge his overhead swings, and shield bash him when he blocks using his sword. Once you kill him, open the nearby Red Chest and regular chest, and then move on to the next area through the cave.

The next batch of enemies you will face are a pair of Dark Elves. Just hit them out of the air using your axe, aim to sweep their legs, and avoid the fireballs they fire at the ground (they will explode soon after they land). Progress forward and you will fight some shield-bearing Reavers. Sweep their legs and shield bash them to get around their defense. After this bunch, you will face another Dark Elf who is accompanied by some wolves. Once you clear them up, grab the nearby Red Chest. Now, you will run up against the extremely evasive Revenant.

The Revenant is hard to pin down. She will evade all of your normal attacks. However, she struggles mightily at evading your partner's attacks. So, unload arrows into the Revenant with Freya, then land your own big attacks. Once you kill her, look for the nearby treasure chest.

Frost Phantom

The Frost Phantom is the big boss of this quest. It is a giant, amorphous cluster of ice that has a giant rune for a face. Naturally, you are aiming for the rune. The Frost Phantom has a few attacks. They have a projectile, which is easy to dodge if you roll to the side. They also have an unblockable attack where they gather themselves up before coming crashing down on you. This is similarly dealt with by rolling to the side.

The Frost Phantom has a melee combo as well. They will first whip around horizontally, and then slam down vertically. This has an enormous range. That being said, in this fight, you never need to be that close to the Frost Phantom. Your goal is to throw your axe at the Frost Phantom's rune from a distance.

Once you have worked the Frost Phantom's stun all the way up, its obelisks will be vulnerable, so go destroy one. This will transition it into its second phase. Here, the Frost Phantom will be faster, and it will have two new attacks.

One of these new attacks will cause giant ice crystals to materialize all around the arena. Get away from them, as after a moment of two, they will explode. The other attack the Frost Phantom gets is a shockwave attack. You will either need to get far enough away that it dissipates, or you will need to roll through it.

Though the Frost Phantom will have more moves in the second phase, the game plan stays the same. Keep your distance, and hit the rune with your axe. Once you stun it a second time, you will be able to destroy the second obelisk and the fight will essentially be over. Make sure you collect the nearby Red Chest.

You will now move through a dingy, dark cave, and enter into a clearing with a door. Upon entering the door, you will fight a large group of Legion-type enemies. Just use your Blades of Chaos to keep these things off of you. You will then transition to Mimir's vision, and fight an unending horde of Nightmares, Reavers, and Revenants. You just need to kill enemies long enough to hear everything the vision has to say.

Then, you will be in Kratos' vision. You will need to battle against a large number of Einherjar. Unlike in the other encounters, you will need to kill every single one. There isn't really a trick to this one outside of trying to keep them all in sight; though you will inevitably be blindsided, as they do come from all over the place.

Remember that a parry will cause a small shockwave all around Kratos, giving him a way to push all enemies off of him! So, looking for the parry isn't a terrible idea.

Now, you will be finished with the visions, and you will get to ride a Kelpie. Fun! After working through a number of cutscenes, you will be back to the caves again. On your right will be a Red Chest. Move further down the path, climb up, and there will be a Hacksilver chest. Now, enter the nearby cave, and you will find your last Red Chest. In the room just before that chest, there is a cracked slab on the ceiling. Just bust through it, and you will be back close to where this all started.

Slide down the nearby rope, and you will be able to collect one more chest before being back at your sled. You will now have completed The Word Of Fate questline.

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