Godfall: How To Defeat Sobeku

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Godfall isn’t done with throwing aggressive quadrupeds with a twist at you. Alpha Rancor and Thraex was just the beginning, and Sobeku is the next chapter in that legacy. A giant alligator inspired by the Egyptian God is a fitting foe for Orin – a self-proclaimed Godkiller. This gator has a few tricks up his scales, however.

Take something with a relentless desire to kill people, and combine it with invisibility and the ability to summon in help, and you have a rough idea of what Sobeku is all about. He is just as likely to run away and strike from the shadows, as he is to pick you up in his snapping jaws and fling you around like a rag doll.

Sobeku's Attacks

Sobeku has a varied kit and is more than capable of launching into extended combos. His real strength comes from his variety of unblockable attacks, and ability to go invisible and attack you when you least expect it.

Attack Description Counter
Invisibility Sobeku will send out a blast of energy that will knock Orin down before going invisible and running away. This attack will also summon four Razorbacks to keep you occupied whilst Sobeku readies an attack. You need to kill the Razorbacks as quickly as possible. They aren’t threatening on their own, but they are a nuisance. One thing you should do is keep an eye on Sobeku when he is running away, as this will give you a rough idea of where he will attack from.
Unblockable Spinning Lunge Sobeku will launch into a spinning death spiral that is both unblockable and highly damaging. Sobeku will use this out of stealth. You need to dodge this to avoid damage, but this is easier said than done if you’ve lost track of Sobeku. Sobeku has a slight shimmer, so it is possible to track them when running away, so try and keep a note of where he is going.
Tail Slam Sobeku quickly spins and then slams his tail on the ground. This attack comes out quickly and has a very short-lived tell. When you see Sobeku flick his tail, dodge backward immediately.
Unblockable Bite Sobeku will often follow his Tail Slam with a fast unblockable bite. He will briefly flash red before going in for the attack. Dodge to the side and punish.
Blue Bite Sobeku will glow Blue and then quickly bite at Orin. This attack can be parried, and if it is, Sobeku will be staggered, giving you plenty of time to deal damage and fill his Breach Gauge.
Tail Spin Sobeku will quickly do a spin, lashing his tail out in the process. Similar to Tail Slam, this attack comes out quickly, but it can be read. Thankfully, you dodge it in the same manner as Tail Slam. Just dodge backward and then punish if Sobeku doesn’t follow the attack up with anything.
Unblockable Grab Sobeku will briefly flash red before quickly biting Orin. This attack is a grab and deals high damage. This attack comes out very quickly. The moment you see Sobeku flash red, dodge away – dodge twice to be safe.
Charging Bite Sobeku will run across the arena and then bite once he reaches Orin. This attack is very well telegraphed, so just dodge to the side and then punish.

Preparing For Battle

Sobeku likes to attack, but his attacks are quite wild. Sometimes he just straight up misses. Because of this, slower weapons like Greatswords are fantastic for this fight. Not only can you power through Sobeku’s weaker attacks, but he is prone to flying over Orin if you are right up in his face.

Bringing a bigger weapon to the fight will also fill Sobeku’s Breach Gauge faster, giving you more stagger opportunities.

Going into the fight with Archon Fury is helpful, but not required. Sobeku doesn’t like to get smacked around and will interrupt your combos with his Invisibility attack and this can waste your Archon Fury if you get unlucky.

Battle Strategy

This fight is all about being aggressive and chasing Sobeku down. If you can get in his face and smack him around, he will start to run away more than actually attack. When this happens, either kill the Razorbacks or ignore them, and chase Sobeku down before he does his death spin.

Don’t be too aggressive, however. You still want to avoid taking as much damage as possible. Remember to dodge when you get the chance. In addition to this, try and end your combos with a Heavy Attack to shatter any grey HP Sobeku has.

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