Google Stadia Players Are Fighting For A High Score On The Platform’s Last Game

There are just two more days until the Google Stadia shuts down for good. On January 18, the platform will cease to be, taking its entire library of games and player save data with it. But just because the service is barely on life support, that doesn't mean that its loyal fans have abandoned it yet.

Google Stadia enthusiasts have decided to go down with the ship, spending the final couple of days grinding for a world record on the platform's final-ever game release. Worm Game, a humble title released over the weekend, has become an unlikely battleground for the most dedicated Stadia players, as they duke it out to have their name on the top of the scoreboard before it's all gone by Wednesday's shutdown.

"Decided that I had to take #1 before going to sleep. It's now past 3am," says one player going by the Stadia name GubbyMan#5585. Their hardwork paid off, nabbing the top spot with 113,500 points – well ahead of second place's 91,615.

Not everyone is after the top spot, however. One player, Tim0986#5985, managed to place 69th on the leaderboards, and they seem quite happy to leave it there.

Worm Game is essentially just Snake, but you know, with worms instead of snakes. It was never meant to be released to the public, and was just there for Stadia devs that needed to test new tech. Of course, with no devs making games for Stadia anymore, it had served its purpose, and Google decided to make it the final release for Stadia.

If you're looking for one last excuse to play around on Stadia, you can join the fight for the world record yourself. It's also worth checking out some of the online games on the platform, as fans have been discussing some sort of farewell party, likely on Red Dead Online.

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