Gotham Knights: Case 7.2 Arkham Asylum Solarium Puzzle Solution

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Gotham Knights follows the story of Batgirl, Red Hood, Nightwing, and Robin in their mission to fight crime to protect Gotham City. Batman has died, and it is up to them to take his place and protect the city from criminals, who are beginning to realize he is gone.

The game allows you to play as all four characters, and you will encounter many puzzles that will help you further the narrative. There are a total of 16 puzzles that you will need to solve by the end of the game. Likewise, a seemingly complicated puzzle would be the Arkham Asylum Solarium Puzzle in Case 7.2. Your objective for this section is “What was Talia doing in this lab?”. This is one of the last puzzles for the game — it's quite simple and will only take a few minutes for you to complete.

Figuring Out The Clues

Upon entering Arkham Asylum, this is the first puzzle you will have to complete. The process to solve the puzzle is quite simple.

You can try different combinations for this puzzle, but you will be given two clues upon entering the room. As a lot of the puzzles work in the game, you will need to correctly match these two clues to complete it and progress the story further.

What Was Talia Doing?

Upon entering the room, you see a table with two sets of vials on it. To your right is a green set, and this is the Genetic Marker Group M. On your left are four vials that are orange, pink, orange, and blue. These are the serums.

You will need to connect one of the serums with one of the Genetic Markers. To do so, mark your clue on the left and then do the same on the right with the corresponding one, and it will show a green line if you have selected the correct combination.

The Solution

Connect the pink serum to the third green vial (which would be third from left) and then confirm. You will see the green line to indicate that you have successfully completed the puzzle.

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