Gotham Knights: Robin Skill Tree Guide

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Every time you go up a level in Gotham Knights, every one of your characters gains an action point (AP). You can spend these points to unlock skills for your heroes. They don't all have the same upgrades to choose from, though.

The game provides each protagonist with their own set of skill trees that fit their style. For Robin, that means having plenty of upgrades that revolve around elemental attacks, stealth, and gadgets. This guide contains a full breakdown of his skill trees, including a few tips along the way. This allows you to make a more informed decision about what skills to pick up since you can't get them all in one playthrough.

Slugger Skill Tree

The Slugger Tree is the first one you can use due to it including the Perfect Evade skill, which is the first skill you have to acquire. After you get it, you're free to work your way down the rest of the tree.

The skills in this tree mostly revolve around making Robin more deadly in a fight. Therefore, if you mostly like to get into close-quarters battles with the hero, then this is the tree for you.

Skill What It Does AP Cost
Perfect Evade Enables Robin to perform a perfectly timed dodge, which increases his momentum and gives him a chance to hit a strong follow-up attack. 1
Critical Expertise Boosts the damage of Robin's critical hits by 20%. 1
Elemental Decoy Alters the Evade Decoy momentum ability to make the decoy deal out elemental damage when struck. 1
Back Damage+ Robin's attacks from behind deal an additional 20% damage. 2
Precise Strikes Improves the chance of Robin landing a critical strike by 10%. 2
Exploding Decoy Robin's Evade Decoy explodes and causes elemental damage in the process. 2
Elemental Focus Robin's critical chance and damage increase by 20% on enemies currently dealing with elemental effects. 3

Whether or not the Evade Decoy skills are worth getting depends on how often you use the ability. As for the skills that boost your critical chance and damage, it's never a bad idea to get them.

Shadow Skill Tree

As soon as you acquire the Perfect Evade skill, you unlock the Shadow Tree, and you're free to work your way down it.

Robin is often regarded as the game's stealth character. And if you want your sneaking to go as smoothly as possible, then you want the skills on this tree.

Skill What It Does AP Cost
Light Footed Makes Robin's footsteps silent – except when sprinting – and allows him to move faster while crouched. 1
Stealth Damage+ Increases Robin's damage while undetected. Melee and ranged attacks go up by 10%, while takedowns and stealth strikes are boosted by 20%. 1
Turnabout Takedown Enables Robin to perform takedowns and stealth strikes on big enemies. 3
Vantage Hanging Takedown Gives Robin a special takedown that he can perform from a vantage point. 1
Reduced Visual Stim Robin becomes harder for foes to spot. 2
Vantage Hanging Takedown Mine When you perform a Vantage Hanging Takedown, you also drop a mine. 2
Shadow Renewal Rob restores 25% of his health after performing a takedown. 2

Skills like Turnabout Takedown, Light Footed, and Reduced Visual Stim are virtually must-haves for stealth players.

The Vantage Hanging Takedown can be useful, too, but you often alert enemies with the mine version.

Tinkering Skill Tree

The Tinkering Tree becomes available once you get the Perfect Evade skill. At that point, you can start from the top of it and work your way down.

This tree is all about Robin's gadgets. It mostly focuses on his slingshot and elemental effects.

Skill What It Does AP Cost
Elemental Charge The speed with which Robin builds up elemental effects on an enemy is increased by 25%. 1
Sticky Pellet When fired by precision aim, Robin's pellets now stick to things and become mines. 1
Sticky Pellets x3 Allows Robin to place three sticky pellets at a time. 2
Enhanced Sticky Pellets Sticky pellets deal 33% more damage and remain active for up to 10 seconds. 2
Elemental Resistance Robin becomes 40% more resistant to elemental effects. 2
Elemental Burst Robin gains a 5% chance of dealing additional elemental damage. Plus, enemies' elemental effect resistance lowers by 50% for 10 seconds. 2
Enhanced Elemental Effects Elemental effects caused by Robin last twice as long. 2

Later in the game, most of your weapons will deal elemental damage, so boosting elemental effectiveness isn't a waste of AP.

Whether you need to improve your slingshot depends on how much you use it.

Knighthood Skill Tree

Unlike the other trees, the Knighthood one takes a while to unlock. This is because you have to complete a bunch of challenges first – you can keep track of them on the challenges tab. When you've done them all and taken a look at the Batman memorial at the Belfry, you unlock Robin's Slideways skill. From there, you can start unlocking the other Knighthood skills.

They're a varied bunch of upgrades that don't focus on one area of gameplay.

Skill What It Does AP Cost
Slideways Allows Robin to teleport short distances to make traversing Gotham easier. N/A
Stealth Takedown+ When Robin does a takedown, he gets a 15-second boost in damage, critical chance, defense, and elemental effect build-up. 1
Aerial Attack Smoke Robin's aerial attacks are now followed by a smoke grenade, which gives him chance to re-enter stealth. 1
Microbots Cooldown Reduction The cooldown for the Microbots momentum ability is reduced by 20%. 1
Combat Expertise Adds an extra hit to Robin's melee and ranged combos. 2
Slideways Takedown Enables Robin to perform a takedown by bringing someone through a portal. 3
Microbot Target+ Robin can now call five Microbots at one time. 3

All of these skills can be useful as long as they fit your style of play.

For instance, Aerial Attack Smoke is great if you're a stealth player, but if you don't like sneaky around, there's not much point to it. So, get the ones that complement your playstyle.

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