GTA 6 would continue alongside GTA 5 hints Take-Two boss

The CEO of Rockstar Games owner Take-Two has given a very clear hint as to how they’ll handle the release of GTA 6 next gen.

Rumours about Grand Theft Auto 6 have been going for years at this point but with no official information offered by Rockstar or their owners it’s been very hard to guess what’s going on, especially as Grand Theft Auto 5 is still selling so well.

GTA 5 has seen a major boost in sales during the coronavirus lockdown and Take-Two are in the peculiar position where releasing a sequel could end up cannibalising sales and making them less money overall… or perhaps not.

CEO Strauss Zelnick is still refusing to admit that GTA 6 is in development but implied that when it was released it wouldn’t stop them selling or promoting GTA 5 or GTA Online.

When answering questions from investors last week, Zelnick compared the GTA situation to that of NBA 2K Online – a version of the game created specifically for China but which was based on an older version of the Western game.

When it came to releasing a sequel there was a lot of worry about whether Take-Two could entice existing fans over to the new game, so the simple answer was just to carry on supporting both.

‘What actually happened was that when we launched NBA 2K Online 2, it turned out to be a massive hit,’ said Zelnick according to

‘And guess what? The audience was still stable and growing for NBA 2K Online itself, the first title. So we kept them both up and they’re both up to this day.’

The comparison for GTA 6 is obvious, but Zelnick further underlined it by saying, ‘I am not remotely worried about being in a position that we have a great line of live services and a new release and that there’s somehow maybe some internal competition. That to me is the definition of a high-class problem.’

It’s also not hard to infer from this that, as previously reported, Rockstar Games are already developing GTA 6, and that while it might not be finished yet Take-Two and Rockstar aren’t purposefully holding it back for fear of what it’ll do to revenues from GTA 5.

Take-Two has denied theories that the game will be released in 2023 though, as the marketing spike that year is apparently due to games they’ve agreed to publish from third parties.

Which means the bottom line is that we still have no idea when GTA 6 will be released, even if it’s becoming clear it is well into development.

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