GTA Alien War Time: When is the Alien War today & how to get the Alien suit?

GTA 5 was made free to download this week on Epic Games Store and it couldn't have come at a better time.

For those of you who maybe don't know and are only playing the game for the first time (seriously, that's a real thing, how else do you explain the game never leaving the charts) GTA V comes with a most excellent online mode.

Whilst GTA Online is not the main dish, it is the bread and butter which the game has more or less lived on since launching back in 2013.

We're getting sidetracked. The point is, play GTA Online, it's rather fantastic; for example, the game recently went on a mad bender as players started their own turf war involving green and purple aliens.

Not real ones, of course, but players donning skintight alien suits which they bought from the in-game clothing stores.

For weeks Green Alien players have terrorised the city, with only Purple Alien players showing any sort of meaningful opposition to the senseless 'A Clockwork Orange' style attacks.

That chaos may, however, come to an end later today, when the two opposing factions face off for one final epic war of hand to hand combat.

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Though Rockstar Games did their part in making the GTA Online Alien suits free for a week, this is all rather unofficial and the final battle royale was actually arranged on the games Sub-Reddit.

Later today, (May 15) at 8pm Eastern Time, the war will come to a head with a showdown between the two factions at Los Santos International Airport.

The expectation is that afterward the big Alien War, things in Los Santos will return to normal.

"Our country is on lock-down, so we were constantly looking for new stuff to do on lots of different games," explained Adam Long (the creator of the craze) in an interview withIGN . "watching all the posts on Reddit, TikTok, and YouTube of the community just coming together and having so much fun during these crazy times."

Meanwhile, GTA Online player and TikTok content creator Zhi Ko (known online as Nekoztek ) also told IGN why it was important that the event marked the end of the Alien Wars. "The core game of GTA was being ruined, and this war had to be over. It was getting to a point where you can’t even get on GTA without seeing a hundred aliens going around killing you every five seconds."

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It's clear that this mini-event has had a big impact on the game, but it'll certainly be more interesting to know what impact it has on both GTA 5 future DLC content (players clearly want some sort of factions DLC) or potentially the world of GTA 6 and it's potentially GTA Online offering.

For now, read on, we'll explain what time the Alien War Starts, how to get your own Alien suit and the also how to get a baseball bat so you're appropriately armed for the epic fight.


The GTA Online Alien War takes place at Los Santos International Airport at 8pm Eastern Time or 5pm Pacific Time.

For any GTA Online players in the UK that means the Alien War will begin at 1am BST Saturday, May 16.


Anyone can buy an Alien Suit in GTA Online, provided you have enough cash to do so (they're no longer free). Rockstar added the Alien Suit years ago as part of the games Arena Wars update. All you need to do is buy the Alien suit from any of the clothing shops (locations can be found further down).

Here's what you got to do to get your alien suit in GTA Online in time for the big fight.

  1. Head to one of the games many clothing stores (more on that further down). It doesn't matter which, it could be Binco, Posonbys, ProLaps or Sub Urban.
  2. Choose the suit menu and select Arena War outfits, and Bodysuits.
  3. You should find locked variants at the bottom of the list, along with the alien suits.
  4. Green normally costs $330,000 whilst purple is slightly more pricey at $358,000.
  5. Purchase and go cause chaos!


If you're unsure where to find your nearest clothing door, the below map should get your to a store in no time at all.

So now you've no excuse for buying the suit and causing mayhem on the streets of Los Santos.


The easiest way to find a baseball bat is by completing one of the games many Contact Mission, which are relatively short and easy enough to complete with minimal fuss.

Players simply need to open the play jobs menu when playing GTA Online and choose Rockstar Created.

From here, your best choice of contact missions is probably one of the three listed below, which are all confirmed to include baseball bats.

  • The Lamar mission – Where Credit's Due
  • Gerald mission – Meth'd Up
  • Simeon mission – El Burro Heists

As perHITC , the El Burro Heists mission should contain plenty of baseball bats when you proceed to the Mission's main objective.

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