GTA Online Players Host Funeral For Migos Rapper Takeoff

GTA Online players recently held an in-game funeral for the late rapper Takeoff. The Migos member passed away at the age of just 28 last week after he was shot at a bowling alley in Houston, Texas while playing dice.

A private funeral for Takeoff took place just a few days after his death, and a public memorial, during which Justin Bieber who collaborated with Takeoff in the past will perform, will be held later this week. However, for fans of the artist who want to pay their respects before then, or who might not be able to make it to the memorial on November 11, a virtual funeral for Takeoff was held in GTA Online (via PCGamesN).

It's unclear who exactly had the idea to hold a memorial for Takeoff in Los Santos, or whether it was a group effort, but the entire process and ceremony has been shared by Tyga Herbonomics on YouTube. Taking place within a GTA role play server to reduce the risk of the funeral being ruined by uninterrupted players and griefers, it begins with everyone in attendance wearing white and gathering in personalized white vehicles.

The ensemble slowly follows a white hearse around the streets of Los Santos before coming to a stop, leaving their cars, and performing the make it rain emote to drop money in Takeoff's honor. They also fired their guns into the air and fireworks were let off. The group then retired to a bar for what was dubbed an after party in the rapper's honor.

Takeoff's in-game funeral isn't the first of its kind. In 2020, Final Fantasy 14 players gathered to give a player that lost their life to COVID-19 a proper virtual send-off. Red Dead Online players also held a funeral for a very different reason earlier this year, marking a full 12 months since the game received its last significant update. Rockstar responded to that by confirming the game won't be getting any major content updates moving forward.

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