GTA Online Players Wish Cargo Could Be Stolen

Completing hesits and doing illicit activities in GTA Online are some of the funnest and most proffitable ways to make money. Unfortunately, you're often left at the mercy of the griefers in public lobbies when you want to prep for a bank job or sell some cargo. Some redditors have come up with a solution: make the mission vehicles indestructable and the cargo stealable.

Arron1303 posted in the GTA Online subreddit that they believed if Rockstar encouraged players to steal from each other there'd be less mindless destruction. Of coures, now you can operate your businesses in private lobbies, but it would add a fun element to the online experience if you could steal from other thieves and scoundrels.

People in the comments seem to agree. "Correct. Making cargo, import vehicles and other stuff indestructible and only stealable will reduce the amount of griefing, also reduce the amount of succesfull griefing(stealing is a lot harder than destroying). And also make for more enjoyable gameplay," wrote Bickelsboss.

There are so many overpowered vehicles in GTA Online that most cargo transportation gets blown up as soon as it spawns in. "Decided to sell special ceo cargo from vespucci to unlock the pumpkin chute. Got blown up not even 30 seconds into the delivery," psycodull wrote.

However, some don't think Rockstar is ever likely to make this change. "Some part of me believes R* wants more cargo griefing. I wonder how many people buy shark cards after they get a million dollars+ of cargo and hours of time lost. Makes sense why they would put the [Oppressor] MK2 on sale sometimes before the nerf. I don’t doubt that griefing drives sales," wrote Menace2G.

Rockstar did allow us to sell cargo in private lobbies, so there's a chance it'll do something about griefing along the lines suggested by Arron, but don't hold your breath.

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