GTA Trilogy Update Fixes Some Character Models

GTA's remastered trilogy launched in a less than stellar state last month. The good news is Rockstar appears to be acting quickly when it comes to fixing the game's many issues. Its first patch righted more than 60 issues, and the follow-up has corrected more than 100. As a matter of fact, those willing to keep playing The Trilogy are discovering fixed problems and improvements all the time.

The latest discovery is that the game's character models have been fixed. Early players quickly discovered that some of The Trilogy's beloved residents actually looked worse than they did in the original games 20 years ago. CJ's girlfriend Denise looked so different that a close-up of her remastered face has since become a meme. While we're still not sure how Denise is doing, the improved character models elsewhere suggest that she might now look better than before.

Players have been posting screenshots of the improved models on Reddit and as you can see below, work has already been done on making them look better than they did in the originals rather than worse. Old Reece, who runs the barbershop in San Andreas, looks old once again. His original look in The Definitive Edition suggested he had stepped back from barbering and become a make-up artist. The patch turns Reece back into Old Reece.

San Andreas was the first GTA game where you could alter the appearance of the main character depending on what you did in CJ's spare time. Working out bulks him up, as does eating food but in another way. Max out CJ's fat and muscle meters and he'll be as big as he possibly can be. In the remastered version that originally looked a little weird. Like CJ's head tacked onto another person's body. That has now been fixed and CJ's head now looks like it's exactly where it's supposed to be when he has been eating and lifting to the max.

Other issues tackled and improved upon by the latest patch include a fix for the heavy rain, and the return of San Andreas's fog effect. The fog was included in the original game to make the map feel bigger. Without it, the view of the islands from the sky was rather jarring. There's now a “ground haze” toggle in the menu that allows you to switch it on and off.

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